A STAR CALLED LUCKY by Bapsy Jain -An Engrossing Mystery Novel

A Star Called Lucky by Bapsy Jain is a sequel of her successful debutant novel – Lucky Everyday. Jain’s mystery novel -with the feisty, flawed yet lovable Lucky Boyel as the central character -unfolds a fascinating narrative about a life giving mushroom, a mysterious Tibetan doctor, powerful yet corrupt politician. It is also an engrossing account of treachery, blackmail, humanity and spirituality.

Lucky Boyle’s life has been extremely challenging and adventurous as told in the first novel Lucky Everyday. Post her divorce the single mother finds some semblance of balance managing 2 jobs as a Yoga Instructor at New York’s state prison and as a government official.  Her otherwise normal life, (albeit with a boring yet adoring boyfriend in vicinity) is interrupted one day by a series of weird events unfolding at a whirlwind rate. She happens to meet a disarmingly handsome Buddhist Monk with an elusive background, with whom she feels an instant connection. On the very same day she meets Clevis Coleman who later nudges her into an apparently lucrative job of finding the elusive Lobsang Telok. Despite her reluctance Lucky takes up the job and inadvertently opens a Pandora’s Box that leads her down a life threatening path.  Her closest accomplice through her terrifying adventure is a teenager computer savant. Her bizarre yet perilous assignment catapults her across continents. Will her voyage will crush Lucky’s trust on humanity or reinstate her faith and open up a new chapter of love? Will she reach her destination and resolve the mystery behind Lobsang and the miracle mushroom? Will humanity be saved from a devastating epidemic?


A Star Called Lucky -Teaser Trailer

The Verdict:

Buzzingtales found the cover design of its review copy of the mystery novel – “A Star Called Lucky” by Bapsy Jain – quiet unconventional and fresh (you will have inkling when you check it out).  The Indie Author’s treatment of the sequel book reflected this unconventional quality. This is evident especially in the manner the books protagonist’s are introduced to the reader. It draws the reader in and incites their curiosity to know more about the characters. Though it does seem confusing initially, the reader begins to appreciate the prologue about the different characters as one delves deeper into the book. Bapsy Jain’s characterization in the introduction apparently depicts how our different perception & experience in childhood shapes our basic character.  Two of the most endearing qualities of Lucky are that – 1. Despite her flaws and traumatic past experiences she retains her trusting humane attitude. 2. While others place much faith on her abilities she is surprisingly dismissive of them. I would have loved to see more of the dashing Buddhist Dude as well as the Life Giving Mushroom (resembling Magical Herb Sanjeevani from the Ramayan Mythology). A Star Called Lucky leaves the reader hungry for more and perhaps the author will comply with these cravings of the reader in her successive Lucky series. Therein lays the success of Bapsy Jain’s novel. As an enchanting Mystery Novel with a heroine who resembles an ordinary person – A Star Called Lucky scores many brownie points.

About the Authorthe-author

Bapsy Jain is a best-selling mystery author noted for the international success of her debut novel, Lucky Everyday (Penguin, 2009). Originally from Calcutta, she graduated from the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai, and continued her studies in finance in the UK.  She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England and Wales) and serves on the Board of Trustees for many international charitable organizations. She and her husband established the S P Jain School of Global Management (Dubai, Singapore and Sydney). She is passionate about yoga and spirituality.





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