Ikebana Workshop At Bujuman- Symphony For The Soul




Buzzingtales found out about the beauty of asymmetry at the Ikebana flower workshop held to initiate the media about the Japanese art of flower arranging at Burjuman Mall on occasion of the on-going “Flower Power” event . The beautiful composition is a symphony of “empty” spaces and  assymetrical forms highlighting elegant lines, natural beauty and simplicity through arrangement of flowers in a disciplined manner. Practiced for more than 6 centuries  Ikebana originally began as flower offring for Lord Buddha. Ikebana is derived from Ikeru (to make live, and to keep alive) and Hana meaning (flower), and accentuates the characteristics of flower and their harmonized splendor.





Our petite Ikebana Instructor Ms Haraue Oki is a certified Associate Second Master in Ikebana from the Ohara school of Ikebana. She has been practicing since the age of 15 and had taught in London, Tokya, Paris and now in Dubai. Working with flowers, scissors, Kenzan (Needle point flower holder) and a flat vase  Buzzingtales was mesmerized by the exquisite construct they created along with 10 other media colleagues. Though all of worked along similar instruction we created 11 different compositions. This art form is indeed therapeutic and Buzzingtales strongly recommends this to all.

To find out more about festival and register for workshop call:– 04- 3520222



Daily workshops running throughout the festival time include:
·       Japanese Flowering Arranging (Ikebana)
·       Floral inspired cake decoration
·       Expert instruction on painting & drawing
·       Photography workshops

Highpoints of the Flower Power fest apart from the workshops are:

  •         Strolling visitors get to interact with over 100 floral installation “Singing Plants” which serenades guests with their unique songs
  • “Musical Stairs” that transform into piano enabling shoppers to create their songs as they move up and down the stairs.
  • “Musical Night Garden” is housed in a colorful cave with glowing blooms and bulbs that entice visitors to enjoy and relax.

·       Weekly piano concerts in food court area


Have you ever seen a Flower Power car before?!

Come and take a look at BurJuman centre.



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