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Some memories last forever. They linger on unrelentingly and bring up a smile quiet unexpectedly.  Benjamin Moore, ChalkBoard holiday workshop at Change Initiative created such a magical memory for Buzzingtales and all the young as well as all the young at heart guests present there. We were very dazzled by the spacious, quirky, beautiful, funky and  tasteful Change Initiative Store where Benjamin Moore’s workshop was being held. Quiet frankly we were enticed by everything we saw there . From the decked up Christmas tree decorated with small paper camels,  the colorful elephant showpieces,the dangling plants, beautiful decorative items,  the shinny books, to creative gifts, everything had a soothing positive energy of its own and just called to us  .

The ambiance was undoubtedly fun, easy going and the vibes were absolutely infectious. We were lead to two huge tables filled with paints, brushes and kids seated on either side with rapt attention, listening to the amazing, funky colorist at Benjamin Moore, Toni, who explained to the kids how they can have fun with the color and create magic out of mess. We were handed over all the weapons of mass destruction that a parent dreads- brushes, rollers, paints, spatulas, clean glass bowls and jar (they were beautiful). The kids and parents both enjoyed the mess thoroughly and created master pieces that the kids got to take home. The tired warriors replenished their energy with loads of delectable eataries and refreshments. None of the guests left without a beautiful gift from Chalk Board. Benjamin Moore became a true retreat for the kids and family who forget the true joys of just letting go and relaxing. This was the place where messiness was celebrated and creativity was unleashed. Buzzingtales would love to repeat it’s visit to Benjamin Moore multiple time and get in touch with it’s inner child.

Here are some Tips from Benjamin Moore  for Decorating Your Home for the Holiday Season

Chalk up your holidays in style

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to put up the tree, drape the tinsel and hang up the stockings. This year, avoid the holiday clutter and save on decorating costs with Benjamin Moore’s Chalkboard Paint. This wonderfully inspirational paint is tintable in almost any color you can dream of, and can turn any space in your home into a writing surface.

Unleash your inner artist this season with creative customized gift packaging, imaginative ornaments, festive door signs, creative wall wish lists, canvases with beautiful messages, and more.  Safe for your family and the environment, it is easy to apply, washable with soap & water, formulated to minimize lingering odors, quick drying, and contains Zero VOC.

Here are some fun for the whole family decorating Ideas:

  • Create a changeable backdrop wall for your family photo holiday photo shoot
  • Add a personal element to a dining room wall with your holiday menu or let the kids write-up their own wish list
  • Customize your table service by adding guest names to place settings, and label the cheese platter & serving trays
  • If you prefer to go down the super eco-route, chalk-up a tree on your wall that can be re-created for the new year, and over-again each season
  • Create personal & creative gifts for those on your list that seem to have everything

If you’re feeling artistic, but not sure from where to start, then check out these quick tips for creative chalking:

  • Get the right writing tools with a wide variety of size & saturation for dimensional chalking. We suggest: traditional chalk, sidewalk chalk, teachers chalk, and bistro wet chalk markers
  • If you could use a creative boost, do some research to update yourself on chalking trends. There is plenty of inspiration online. We suggest searching ‘chalk art’ on Pinterest.
  • Download templates are available online for quick and easy designs. Blogger posts, Pinterest, and even Etsy have plenty of downloadable free & for purchase templates for font and art.
  • Be sure you apply the chalkboard paint to a clean surface and follow instructions on the can, waiting a few days before using, prep your new surface for art by rubbing chalk over it and cleaning (only the first time). We also suggest washing it with a mild diluted dish soap and clean water and let dry before creating new art again.
  • Darker colors will show chalk much better, so go bold! Also try using a variety of chalkboard colors, or even a multi-colored mural for the more advanced.

Be creative and have fun with your family and friends- with these decorating ideas, you can make just few changes and your house will suddenly seem very jolly.


Minakhee Mishra

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