Arcancil – Mat Hysteria creating waves

When buying skin care or beauty products quality is an indispensable element. After all, the whole point of spending on beauty products is to enhance appearance, rather than getting the skin and face damaged for short term goals.  Quality products however, come with a price tag that hits hard on the pocket. What if I tell you about a product that represents a wonderful marriage between quality and affordability? Yes, irresistible quality products in affordable price range, doesn’t that sound like magic? Well, to be honest until sometime when Arcancil’s, Mat Hysteria collection of Matte Liquid Lip Color arrived for a review, I too was quiet unaware of this fabulous, chic beauty product range of Arcancil. Having worn Mat Hysteria, I am cured of wearing other lip colors at-least until I stumble upon something better!

I received 5 Mat Hysteria, Matte Liquid Lip Color, with exquisite names like, Bose De Rose Ballet, Prune Charleston, Beige Funk, Brun Twist and Valse De Beige. I checked their catalogue to find that apart from the ones I received, the Matte shades come in infinite shades and there is more than a few colors that can suit your skin type. Sorry if I sound a little self-obsessed, but when I applied I really couldn’t help glancing at my reflection more than a few times. I noticed that even a single coat did not fade and the texture was unbelievably velvety. My personal favorite is Beige Funk for the mornings and Prune Charleston for the night look. I received many compliments for my lip shade and felt Arcancil’s, Mat Hysteria made my lips look fuller, younger and brighter.



12508744_10207465293966800_7138900835686008103_nEach of the lip colors can last up to 12 hours the smell is just divine. The color shades were magnificent and I loved both the feel as well as the look of them on my lips. The Lip Colors give a matte yet natural look to the lips, which is completely revolutionary and the feel is feather light as if you are wearing only your own skin.



The acid test of any brand is the care it takes to ensure that it delivers on quality. I am certainly impressed by my sample product and I would love to try out more beauty products of Arcancil. Quality is very addictive especially if its inexpensive, and where skin is concerned there should be no compromise. Arcancil Paris’s beauty product address all the beauty needs of today’s women, and offers ultimate beauty accessories like Poudre Delicate Universelle, Mascara Volume Chavirant , Tri Cabaret Extensions and more.



Arcancil Paris, has been revolutionizing beauty since 1935. Acancil Paris turned 80 in 2015 and has partnered with Business France as the brand continues to reinvent, revolutionize and deliver on their commitment to quality. It is always inspiring to know the story behind successful enterprises and the people who make it happen. In the year 1935 the Havlick brothers made their first invention in a tiny laboratory at the heart of Paris. The revolution materialized through the collaboration of the Havlick brothers, one of them being a chemist and the other a colorist started small but soon strongly established themselves as eye make-up specialist brand. By 1994 Arcancil Paris was making its presence felt internationally in as many as 55 countries. Since 2006, Arcancil Paris has become part of Institut Cameane to provide the brand a novel and more innovative beginning.


Can’t wait to try out more of these products!

Minakhee Mishra

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