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On 20th January 2015, Buzzingtales was invited to Beauty, Slimming & Fitness brand, VLCC’s Dermatology event, organized at VLCC Sheikh Zayed Road Centre, to create awareness about Dermatology.

In an exclusive interview with Buzzingtales, the esteemed and  soft spoken Dr. Nadeem spoke about rise in number of patients (both men & women) seeking aesthetic dermatology and how fillers, botox and threads can help reverse the signs of aging.IMG_9221 He went on to explain that if remedial treatment and corrective treatments are taken at an earlier stage the results and more pronounced. If the skin damage and effects of aging is marked, then the number of session for corrective treatment has to be more, in order to reverse the damage to the skin. In an extremely engaging live demo of Meladeep peel, Dr. Nadeem carried out a procedure on a VLCC staff suffering from acute pigmentation. The peel is just like foundation and blends completely with the skin. The peel has to be kept for a period of 8 to 10 hours. Once removed it has to be followed with regular skin care routine with Meladeep products. The results of the procedure were nothing short of a miracle.




Mr. Mohammed Ali the Assistant Center Manager spoke to Buzzingtales about Body Shaping and Wellness that VLCC has been successfully delivering to its customers. He emphasized on VLCC’s vision of motivating people to bring about life style changes by providing information about nutrition and weight management.


The  Dermatological session  with demos, presentations and panel discussions by VLCC’s expert Dermatologist and wellness counselors where they spoke about the VLCC ideals of wellness, and added another element to the repertoire of services which is Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology.

With a chance to understand their existing and newly launched innovative technologies, attendees also availed the opportunity to understand some of their treatments in Ellanse semi-permanent fillers, Threads, Meladeep peel and Fillers/Botox. Attendees got to understand how Botox and fillers can be used to reverse signs of ageing and to achieve symmetry.


The key speakers included:-


Dermatologist : Dr. Nadeem

Assistant Centre Manager : Mohammed Ali

Wellness Counselors : Arabic – Reda, English – Amod and Enoshca



About VLCC:


Founded by Mrs Vandana Luthra in 1989, VLCC has been ‘Transforming Lives’ as it makes beauty, fitness and health accessible to all. The VLCC Group motivates people for self-transformation, spreads happiness and imbibes every individual with wellness for life. VLCC is one of the finest wellness industry and famous across South Asia, South East Asia and Middle East. Their quality in services is widely accepted with its scientific weight loss solutions and the therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. An incredible team of expert and experienced doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, cosmologists and physiotherapists at VLCC Centers are dedicated to providing better quality life to the people.


Details about the VLCC Centres in Dubai:  



Al Qusais

Dubai Marina


Sheikh Zayed Road

Trade Centre Road


Website: http://www.vlccwellness.com/UAE/

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