Under the Sky – An Heart-wrenching Play in DUCTAC

DUCTAC, Dubai Community Theater & Arts Center, has always enriched the cultural perspective of Dubai residents by bringing on to stage out of the box, stellar plays & shows. From 17th Feb – 19th Feb 2016 it showcased a play “Under the Sky“, a play on a burning issues of our times that raises question on the existence of humanity in our human world.Under the sky is a touching Arabic play depicting the plight of a Syrian mother who has lost her children to the war. Written by Fadia Dalla this 50 minute Arabic play is performed to perfection by Yara Sabri the director, Maher Salibi’s wife. Emotions defy cultural boundaries and through this play the creators hope to stir up strong emotions in the people and to awaken them to the barbaric atrocities that the Syrian people are dealing with.


Supported by Dubai Culture and in collaboration with DUCTAC the play portrays the utter meaninglessness in the mother’s life. She recounts her bloodstained memories, stepping through her favorite places and remembering through a mixture of reality and illusion, a myriad of emotions: Love and hate, scorn and forgiveness.


The suffering of the people of Syria, their displacement, the chaos in their life are often brought to our notice through our television sets. We see the limp body of a little boy who drowns and dies as he and his family tries to escape into a new leash of life only to be engulfed by death and hopelessness. We lament and click our tongues at the sheer number of life that has been devastated, we may even have a tear flicker at some corner of our eye, yet we fail to develop enough empathy to get up do something concrete.

Through the play the makers hope to incite the emotions to an extent that motivates them to step up for Syria. Every small act adds up to form a sea of human collaborative effort to elevate the misery of the Syrians. Through the play the actress who returns to the stage after 9 years hopes establish a connection with the audience that so often happens in live performances. By expressing her raw emotions through dance, songs, screams, cries Sabri wants to re-establish the bridge to the audience’s heart like a conventional storyteller. The makers are positive that their effort of giving back to their community through the medium of the play will further sensitize the world and thus bring help to the Syrians.


The UN states that more than 4.5 million Syrian refugees, plus those who are unregistered and uncounted, have fled Syria. The world hears the Syrian story as a daily piece of news. Through their artistic endeavors the creators resurrect the suffering and pain live on stage and thus provides a new life to the issue. Salibi, a Syrian herself has left her country decades ago and feels the pain of her homeland intensely. She has been actress for 20 years and wants their production to lead to a humanitarian collaboration for those suffering in Syria.

Minakhee Mishra

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