Punjabi By Nature – New Menu – Old World Charm

Cocooned in the middle of the busy environs of Lamcy Plaza, Dubai, is a piece of rich Indian heritage crafted by Punjabi By Nature. Here is a restaurant that weaves a tale of Punjab’s rich heritage through food, introduces its refreshed menu for the season. Personal touch is the magic that works miracles especially in the restaurant industry, and this was evident right from the time Buzzingtales stepped into the world of Punjabi By Nature.

Punjabi By Nature - Chaar Da Vaar Platter


The welcome drink, Pede Wala Lassi, was an instant hit with me, and set the pace for the scrumptious treat that was to follow. The colorful tablemats with quirky and witty quotes were absolutely endearing. The exhaustive choice of starters which included the arbi and papaya cutlets, chicken platters in skewers, layered and stuffed mushrooms, panner tikka etc were cooked to perfection complete with freshly ground spices. Punjabi By Nature’s menu by Chef Vineet Kumar includes rich curries and spicy tikkas that are sure to remind one of the foods of their hometown. With new concoctions and tasty additions in the wake, Punjabi By Nature’s new menu is sure to add spice to life, Punjabi-style. With new arrivals bearing the same home-made rustic charm, Punjabi By Nature’s refreshed menu offers a range of delightful treats for every palate


Sharan Kakwani, Founder, Punjabi By Nature, said, “Our refreshed menu brings to Dubai the traditional Punjabi tadka from the heart of Punjab. Punjabi By Nature’s food is a journey from Amritsar To Lahore before the partition of India. We aim to serve food that takes one down memory lane to one’s own home-town, and reminds one of the good food enjoyed at home. Many a times, with expat living comes a lack of choice to create authentic foods, and our fast-paced living sometimes does not allow us enough time or energy to cook healthy, nutritious food. That’s where PBN comes in. At PBN, you come home to your mother’s kitchen.”


Nirvi Gosalia, Co-founder of Punjabi By Nature, said, “Punjabi By Nature is all about authenticity. Our menu also includes a Char Da Vaar platter of assorted desserts that ensure you get a taste of everything you love in sizable portions, and a variety of special main courses that bring another dimension to your experience at the restaurant. Our servers make you feel right at home, and with our inclination towards heritage we stay modern.  If you love good food, you are Punjabi by nature!”


Minakhee Mishra

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