Eros Group expands brand portfolio with Asia’s Influential Brand – Midea

Buzzingtales came upon a smart technology including smart cooking technology, where cooking a dish would be as easy as pushing a few buttons. Well, this and even more exciting options are offered by Asia’s highly influential brand Midea. This Forbes Global 500 Enterprise is now to provide top of the line appliances in the UAE and GCC countries in partnership with Eros Group.


Eros Group – the sole distributor of world-renowned brands, including Samsung, Hitachi, TCL and Linksys, has expanded its distribution strength further by signing a partnership with one of the global giants in manufacturing of Home Appliances – MIDEA – adding the brand to its impressive portfolio. The Group will distribute the products in UAE and also in select markets of the GCC which include Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Representatives from Midea and Eros Group signed off on the agreement at a reception held on 17 May, 2016, at Raffles Dubai.


Asia’s top influential Brand Midea and one of the leading appliance manufacturer raked in a revenue of US $ 2 1.3 billion in 2015; which is a testament to the growing popularity of its home appliances range and manufacturing capabilities not just in Asia but across the globe. The company has an extensive range of products that includes refrigerators and washing machines, cooking ranges and dishwashers, microwave ovens and other small domestic appliances.


“Midea makes a complete range of home appliances products. We continue to globalize our operations with production bases in Vietnam, Belarus, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, and India, to be followed by additional plants in some other countries. Producing Home Appliances, we do one thing and one thing only: we focus on creating a “home feeling” with every product our consumers use. We are happy for our collaboration with Eros Group whose vision is in line with Midea’s strategy to expand its distribution network to offer better services to local consumers in Middle East, including the UAE and some other GCC countries, “said Justin LIU, Business Development Manager , Midea International Business.


13238949_10208597933482080_4059396025341828106_nCommenting on the prestigious tie-up, Deepak Babani, CEO, Eros Group, said, “We are extremely pleased to distribute the Midea brand in UAE. The company provides a comprehensive product portfolio and vast production capacity to meet the growing demand for quality home appliances. Midea’s integrated research and manufacturing process helps to enrich lifestyles worldwide through a distinct range of innovative, yet affordable products, and we are happy to offer these in UAE as well.


“As one of UAE’s leading electronics distributors, we have built a strong and enduring relationship with our customers, and we continue to offer them products from respected brands such as Midea. Our customers appreciate the choice we offer them ; our collaboration with Midea will enhance that offering . ”


Niranjan Gidwani, Deputy CEO, Eros Group , also expressed his satisfaction at the agreement the companies signed. “This is an important relationship for Eros as the Midea Group is one of the most successful appliances brands in the world. Eros is also an ideal partner for the brand; we have multiple retail stores across UAE, 15 world-class brands in our portfolio, and industry recognized awards, among other accolades.


“Like Eros Group, Midea has grown from strength to strength because of its consistent quality and focus on innovation. Midea is also one of the top sellers in the ecommerce category in China as well. The extensive range of products, which Midea brings with it, provides our customers with a wider choice of home appliances and other products – at great prices, “he said.


Eros Group is one of the leading players in consumer electronics, telecom, and allied multi-products in the Middle East, and has made more than AED 4.5 billion in revenues.


Brand is listed as a Forbes list of the five hundred most successful company in the world to offer the best equipment in the UAE and the Gulf countries in partnership with Eros Group


Signed Eros Group, the sole distributor for brands such as Samsung, Hitachi , TCL and Linksys, a partnership agreement with one of the giants in home appliances which Midea manufacturing company international companies, to add this brand to the luxury group and give a new impetus to their capabilities distributive. Eros Group will distribute products in the UAE as well as in a number of Gulf markets selected which include Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. The representatives of the company and Midea Eros Group signed the agreement within the reception held at the May 17, 2016 ceremony at the Raffles Dubai Hotel.

The Midea of the most influential brands in Asia and the largest appliance manufacturers have been able to achieve revenues of US $ 21.3 billion in 2015 , an indicator of the growing demand on the domestic organs and manufacturing capabilities , not only in Asia but around the world as well. The company has a wide range of products, including refrigerators, washing machines and cookers and microwave ovens Algelayat and other small household appliances.

In this context , Justin Liu, director of business development at Midea International Business , said: “Midea company manufactures all types of household appliances, We continue to expand our operations worldwide opening production bases in both Vietnam and Belarus, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, India, and then the opening of additional plants in some other countries. And we are one thing only which is the production of household appliances: We are focused on giving “home feeling” on each product used Msthlkuna. We are pleased with our collaboration with Eros Group, which is consistent with the vision Midea strategy to expand its distribution network in order to provide better services to local consumers in the Middle East, including the UAE and other Gulf countries. ”

Commenting on this prestigious partnership, Mr. / Deepak Babani , CEO of Eros Group said , “We are very pleased to distribute Midea brand in the UAE, The company offers a comprehensive range of products and has the capabilities of a huge productivity to meet the growing demand for high – quality household appliances. Moreover , the integrated process of research and manufacturing company has Midea help to enrich the diverse lifestyles around the world through the unique range of innovative products and affordable at the same time, we are happy to provide these products in the UAE as well.

As the Eros Group is one of the largest distributors of electronic devices in the UAE , we have forged strong and lasting relationship with our customers, and we are continuing to provide them with products of an upscale, high – quality brands such as Midea. There is no doubt that our customers value the options that we provide to them, and will our cooperation with Midea company promotes these options. ”

He also expressed Niranjan Gedoana, Executive Vice President, Eros Group was delighted with the agreement signed by the two companies , where he said: “This agreement is an important business relationship for the group because Midea Eros Group is one of the most successful brands of home appliances in the world. At the same time Eros Group is an ideal partner for that brand; we have many retail stores across the UAE, there are 15 global brand within our product range, and we got a winning addition to honoring certificates and other appreciated.

As is the case with the Eros Group, Midea moved from success to success thanks to its commitment to high quality and its focus on innovation, And it becomes Midea company occupies a leading position among the best sellers in the category of e – commerce in China. Through this broad range of products offered by Midea company, our customers will have a wider choice among home appliances and other products at competitive prices and the opportunity “.

Eros Group is one of the major companies operating in the consumer electronics devices, telecommunications companies, and other miscellaneous products in the Middle East, has achieved a group revenue exceeded 4.5 billion dirhams.


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