The Man Who Knew Infinity – An Inspiring Movie

Jaguar Films, Gulf Films and NOVO Cinema invited the media to the premier screening of the inspirational movie The Man Who Knew Infinity . Written and directed by Matthew Brown, The Man Who Knew Infinity  is based on a biography of the same name, written by Robert Kanigel. The true story of friendship between Ramanujan (Dev Patel, SAG Award™ nominee for Slumdog Millionaire), a self-taught Indian mathematics prodigy who traveled to Trinity College, Cambridge, and his mentor, the brilliant, eccentric professor G. H. Hardy (Jeremy Irons, Academy Award™ winner for Reversal of Fortune) is depicted in a subtle yet poignant manner. The bond they forged over a period of about 5 years was initiated due to their common passion for mathematics but subsequently, something more humane cemented their friendship, as they battled against prejudice to reveal Ramanujan’s mathematical genius to the world.

Each character is seamlessly real. The credit for such heartwarming performances by each actor goes as much to the individual actors acting caliber as to the directorial brilliance. Many times while watching the movie audiences might find a lump build up in their throat. The soft and touching love story that unfolds between the brilliant man and his simple adoring wife is especially endearing – A love story that survives by sheer devotion.  The fact that such a mathematical genius would tragically succumb to tuberculosis at the young age of 32 is heart-wrenching enough.


While watching the movie (especial the introverted and sensitive Ramanujan and extremely practical and somewhat eccentric Hardy) a stinging thought pervades the mind that, such a loss could have been averted had the protagonists dealt with the situation in some other way or reacted in a different manner. Yet that is the tragedy of life. Things that appear so clear in the hindsight do not reveal themselves with as much clarity at that given point. It’s painful to watch Ramanujan who arrives at Trinity as an enthusiastic young man,transform and regress into himself more, as he deals with all the cultural shock, even though he tries to put up a stoic front. One of the stand-out moment was when Ramanujan vents his frustration at Professor Hardy and forces Professor to see a different side of Ramanujan other than just a Mathematical wonder. The movie propels the mind towards various realms of thought and universe: Finite-Infinite, Reason-Intuition, Belief – Proof, Faith-Reason. It stirs the feeling of knowing that the infinite exists without having the rational for it. It’s not an easy movie for young children to watch, as starkly realistic depiction strips it off what children might find entertaining. The period, the cultural ethos as well as the emotions might be hard for young children to relate to. It’s a must watch for the adults and teenagers who will feel enriched to know more about such an inspiring personality and his short yet outstanding life.


Minakhee Mishra

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