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It’s that time of the year whenMuslim from around the world observe fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. The tradition of keeping rigorous fast for 30 days and eating only during  certain parts of the day both awes and intrigues many. Those aware of latest health and fitness update feel such fasting might be detrimental to health for numerous reasons. One of the common problem faced is that fasting for long hours triggers the impulse to binge on all the wrong kinds of food. However, if done the right way fasting can prove to be beneficial, improve health and rejuvenate your mind, soul, body and spirit.

Here are some tips for a healthy and truly Happy Ramadan





Keep yourself hydrated.

With Iftar and Suhoor ( Read Food & More Food) being the main focus during Ramadan, it is likely that water consumption is often put on the back burner. Water is essential for the to keep the body healthy and running. The aim is to drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water in a day.  This can be easily achieved by drink water every hour after Suhoor till the time one hits bed and one glass before and after Suhoor & Iftar.
Maintain the moderation mantra while eating

Though Ramadan is supposed to be a month of solemnity and restriction, quiet ironically many of us restore to pure gluttony during Iftar and Suhoor. While our bodies need to be replenished fasting, we should not fall into the trap of overcompensating. Balance is key to good health. It’s a good thing to plan a bit prior to actually having the meal when you are famished and ready to gorge in just about anything. It always best to start with traditional healthy dates, labneh, and then fill up with fruits and vegetable/soup so that the cravings for big oily main courses and dessert can be managed. Since the blood sugar levels would be low it’s advisable to reach out for energy food, lots of water and break the fast slow and easy before introducing bigger meals to the stomach.

Stay active Stay Healthy

Though it’s difficult to remain active while fasting one should guard against becoming sedentary. Once the fast is broken ie. post-Iftar (a couple of hours after) it really helps to go light jogging, short work-outs and walks. Most tend to eat a lot of food during Iftar and in such scenarios some activity helps burn the calories. Ramadan fasting can become a golden  opportunity to curb cravings, eat healthy, remain active and gain a better/fitter body.

No Skipping Suhoor.

The body needs to get adjusted to eating early. Those accustomed to skipping breakfast  need to be especially aware. Choosing the right foods during Suhoor,  helps keep the body  energized during the day and fasting becomes a breeze. Foods like oatmeal, sweet potato, and quinoa will keep you full and satisfied for up to 5 hours, making it that much easier to fast.
Have a protein Blast.

Proteins are building blocks of our body. They help repair worn cells and build new ones. A protein rich diet is especially recommended for those who work out as  having worked really hard for a body made of muscle and sinew, a dip in protein is the last thing one needs. A protein enriched source in every meal also increases  satiety and helps keep you full for longer. A protein packed smoothie a day can be made by blending 1 banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter, half a cup of yogurt, half a cup soy milk, 1 tablespoon chia seeds and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Eggs are also rich sources of protein.
Be in tune with self, Meditate.

A healthy body cannot exist without a  healthy mind. The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity to cultivate a healthy mind and  rejuvenate it through meditation and prayer. Reflect and access your life plans and goals. Bring in positivity to every aspect of your life and let it flow to others aswell.

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