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Buzzingtales recently got invited to sample and review Govinda’s 100% Vegetarian and 100% healthy food at their Jumeirah branch. Govinda’s, a pure Vegetarian Indian restaurant was established 15 years ago in Dubai located in Karama district. The restaurant has recently opened their second branch in Jumeirah, a contemporary set up of Govinda’s, serving Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine.

Situated on the posh and busy Jumeirah road Govinda’s restaurant instantly catches your attention with the huge lit up ornate piece that seamlessly meanders on the entrance and on the two storied structure. In each space and piece of the restaurant an embodiment of Krishna dwelled. The chic yet aptly interior to match the restaurant’s concept, brought an instant smile on our face. All shades of blue and magenta created an ambience that instantly transported us to a peaceful paradise. The ambience of the venue is serene and aesthetically pleasing where the customers truly feel welcome, which is further complimented by the humble service of the ever smiling staff.


We moved our attention from the tasteful interiors to the interesting menu. We had tasted their Chinese and healthy no oil dishes at their Karama branch. What intrigued us was the exhaustive Italian choices and the options for fitness and health conscious foodies.

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant aimed at not only being vegan friendly but serving healthy food that is good for the mind, body and soul. For instance, the thali menu includes options for Vegan, High Protein, Low Calorie and Diabetic diets. The carefully crafted menu has dishes that are all less than 700 calories with no compromise in taste. The ‘oil-free’ menu is another dimension of Govinda’s USP.

The sitafal festival was on at Govinda’s and we were recommended the Sitafal Coconut Breezer. The refreshing drink was served in a coconut, and we just couldn’t help clicking pictures of the ingeniously presented drink before we sipped every last drop of if. Next in line were the lip smacking gol gappas along with mint and tamarind chutney which, are complimentary for the guests at the table. We went for the mixed kabab platter with a mix of luscious finger licking kababs like lentil corn, paneer, broccoli etc. Along with the kabab’s we also went for Manchao soup. This was one of the best Manchao soups we had ever sampled and it surprised us that, not only was it vegetarian it was devoid of any onion or garlic.

For the main course we went all Indian with dal, assorted Indian breads, paneer burjhi and methi allu. Our server insisted that the little buzztales try out their Italian pasta and we couldn’t thank them enough for the delectable juicy pasta.The portion sizes quiet big for the prize, so you better be feeling hungry when you visit the restaurant or ask for half portions.


Each of the each we tried out made it evident that Govinda’s restaurant believes in serving quality food and maintains the purity of every ingredient used in its dishes. Maintaining a sattvic style cooking method, all the food prepared at the restaurant contains no garlic or onion. This style of cooking is an ancient Ayurveda method, for healthy living, particularly for keeping our minds clear, happy and at peace. Each recipe is created with handpicked ingredients of the finest quality aimed at producing a vegetarian dish that is fulfilling and appealing at the same time.


“Our menu is carefully crafted, there is something for everyone. We want to showcase a part of India through our traditional Indian delicacies, whilst keeping it oil free and high in health benefits. With our Chinese and Italian cuisine, it’s our vegetarian twist on pizzas and pastas and various Chinese dishes. At Govinda’s we want to encourage people to eat clean, healthy and wholesome food.” highlights Mr. Mahesh Advani, Founder & Owner of Govinda’s



Govinda’s also boast of serving the yummiest 100% fresh ice cream, Tru Frut, made from fresh fruits and seasonal treats at both their outlets. No preservatives or colour is used in Tru Frut ice creams, making them a better option to enjoy in the desert heat. Sweet lovers can never run out of options with abundantly available dessert selection like, gulab jamun, rabdi, jalebi and even tiramisu….and boy did that tiramishu just fall from heaven!


With vegan and vegetarianism becoming a famous dietary change; Govinda’s presents abundant of tasteful options to gourmands of the UAE to enjoy a platter of joy. Govinda’s aim is to produce vegetarian dishes that are interesting, tasteful and satisfying for any dietary conditions – eliminating the belief that vegetarian food is bland!


About Govinda’s

Govinda’s Restaurant currently has two locations, the flagship venue in Karama and the newly opened location in Jumeirah. The restaurant also serves a menu for special dietary requirements such as Vegan, High Protein, Diabetic, Healthy Hearts and more. Additionally, it is also affiliated with Tru Frut, a unique concept of fresh ice-cream that is 100% natural and vegetarian with no added preservatives or artificial flavourings. Both the brands believe in healthy eating and are known for producing the tastiest food.

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