DIVAN PATISSERIE – Turkey’s leading Dessert Connoisseur in Dubai Mall

Buzzingtales love for all things sweet and delectable reached a new high. Dessert lovers have another reason to celebrate, Turkey’s leader in luxurious chocolate and fine Turkish Sweets – Divan Patisserie, launched their first Dubai store in Dubai Mall on the 26th of October. Located on the Lower Ground Level, Dubai epicureans will get to experience the finest selections of bespoke Turkish delicacies, from a luscious array of ready-made handcrafted creations to personalized exquisite blends of chocolates and macaroons orchestrated by the Turkish label.

Divan Patisserie started as a single shop within the Divan İstanbul Hotel sixty years ago and has now grown into a famous brand locally and internationally with its well-known high-quality Turkish desserts. The new store will be open for guests 7 days a week at the Dubai mall from 10 am – 12 am every day.
Divan Patisserie will offer its customers special flavors with an innovative approach, with their range of products not only limited to Turkish delights but to also include chocolates infused with pistachios, almonds, coffee, coconut, truffles, macaroons in never-before-tasted flavors and chocolate-covered dragees.

Spread across 150 sq.m, the latest addition to their boutique stores around the world, the Dubai Mall branch boasts a modish yet royal ambiance, providing a sophisticated and delicious break to all the shopaholics.
“As a well-known brand in Turkey with a strong heritage, we have unique tastes that set us apart from the competition such as top quality Turkish delight including the all-time favorite chocolate coated flavors and luxury chocolate range and macaroons. We look forward to offering Dubai our rich culinary treats,” said Richard Appelbaumb, CEO Divan Group.
For more information, please log on to http://www.divan.com.tr/divan-patisserie


Turkey’s leader in luxurious chocolate and boutique patisserie concept, Divan Patisserie offers hand-made gourmet products with prestige, luxury, and quality in its 18 boutique patisserie shops. Divan Patisserie & Cafes serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with rich menu alternatives. Divan is one of the world’s leading Turkish delight and chocolate brand and offers its customers special flavors with an innovative approach built on traditions. Divan patisserie reflects its quality from its products to the interior design of its shops and specially prepared boxes, emphasizing quality not only lie in their products but also in the chic atmosphere it presents. Since 2006, Divan products are sold in selected shopping malls, hotel, and restaurant, in the USA, Dubai, France, Russia, Qatar and the UK. Divan Patisseries are located in Istanbul, Bursa, and Ankara in Turkey.

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