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Buzzingtales recently got invited to McDonald’s open kitchen tour program. Apart from being an extremely informative and fun exercise the tour spoke volumes about the credibility & transparency of the brand. Be it food standards, freshness, health, cleanliness or taste, McDonald’s has established itself as the leader in the industry. Apart from various socially responsible stances it has taken, like Beach Cleanliness Drives, I came to know that the oil used in McDonald’s is changed every single day and recycled into the finest diesel.


Buzzingtales got certified for attending the McDonald’s “Open Door” ProgramOur Kitchen, Your Kitchen. In fact they welcome the public to apply/register on their website for this tour and welcome them to tour their kitchen.


They welcomed us and showed us how our favorite Mac meals are created while adhering to the strict McDonald’s standards for hygiene and food safety. The Open Door program was a chance to see and learn first-hand about the industry’s leading processes and procedures.


We discovered how scrupulous Mac Donald’s is when it comes to food. We were encouraged to questions and check out every single detail.

We were first introduced to cleaning and sanitizing hands before using the kitchen. The containers and utensils are cleaned at a rear sink area. Here they are washed, rinsed and sanitized. This is followed by an air-drying procedure at least once every four hours, if not more.


People who serve at the front counter do not work in the kitchen unless they sanitize their hands and wear the necessary gloves. The staff washes their hands every hour on the hour, or whenever they handle anything that is not sanitized, using anti-microbial hand wash and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds to ensure potential harmful bacteria has been eliminated.

A two-color coding system has been devised for gloves to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination between different foods. The crew wears clear gloves when handling cooked products or ready to eat vegetables and blue gloves to handle raw proteins, meat or eggs.


In May 2015, McDonald’s completed the change of frying oil used at all of their restaurants in the GCC to a sunflower and canola oil blend, in order to reduced the saturated fats.


A first-in first-out procedure is used when it comes to storage. This is done to ensure that products are organized according to their expiration dates, checked on a regular basis and used in sequential order. The items needing storage are refrigerated and stored in appropriate temperature and surroundings to prevent any spoilage.


The managers at McDonald’s conduct a daily beef integrity procedure using a pyrometer that ensures the internal temperature of all cooked beef patties reaches 155 degrees or above and our chicken 165 degrees or above.


McDonald’s even makes its own ice. A high-quality, stringent filtration system ensures that the water in the ice is 100% safe, has been put up and is monitored strictly.



To make sure the customers are served the freshest, hottest, golden crispy fries, as well as to minimize wastage McDonald’s abides by a quality assurance holding time of seven minutes and fries only a few orders at one time.

McDonald’s meticulously abides by Food safety regulations set by local government authorities, international regulatory bodies as well as its own company standards to ensure that the customers are served the highest quality of food.


Minakhee Mishra

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