Gazebo Group, the culinary kings, opens new outlets

Gazebo Group the culinary kings in UAE since 2 decades and Award winning Indian Restaurant, recently opened five new outlets in Khalidiyah Mall Abu Dhabi, Al Twar and Business Bay, Al Shamkha Abu Dhabi and in Ajman.

Celebrating this auspicious event Buzzingtales was recently invited for a family review to Gazebo. It was an immensely satisfying royal experience. There was no dearth of variety in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Each of the assorted vegetarian kababs we were served had a unique taste that tingled our taste buds and elevated it to a completely different level. The non-vegetarian starters were out of the world. Our personal favorite was the charcoal burnt prawns and the soft as butter green chicken kababs. The care taken to craft out each of the dishes was quite evident. Clearly, Gazebo is a winner in the authentic Dum and Mughlai culinary experience. One should venture out on this culinary journey on an empty stomach because there is just so much to try out. Don’t forget the mouth watering biryani which is a Gazebo specialty.The sweet delights are something one should never skip. It was pure heaven for the sweet lovers. Though it’s almost an impossible task to choose from among the best we recommend the Phirni and Rabri as two of the must try options.

According to Irfan Gaya, Managing Director of Gazebo & Kamat, the restaurant was initially set up to fill the gap in the market for an authentic Dum Pukht restaurant and today the restaurant has achieved that and won awards for bringing to the table traditional recipes from the royal kitchens of Lucknow, Awadh and the North Western Frontier, which were ruled by the Dum Pukht cuisine.

A creative thinker who has sound knowledge of the latest food trends, and is intimately familiar with all the activities of his kitchens, Mr. Irfan Gaya,has a strong commitment to quality, service, and sustainability in all the food and beverages that his brands serve.

Dum cooking is done with live coals placed in layers under the cauldrons to impart just the right amount of heat to cook a particular dish. This, like many other little details are part of the trade secrets, which have been passed down from one generation to the next.


Irfan Gaya of Gazebo adds, “As passionate food connoisseurs, we never make compromises on the quality of ingredients, authenticity of the cuisine or the skill of the Chef. We ensure all our outlets reflect the standards set by our flagship restaurant that has positioned us as the best Indian in the country. This year we received he Favourite Indian Restaurant Award from the “What’s On’ magazine”


The Biryani at Gazebo is legendary. It sits in the menu as the uncrowned king of the Dum Pukht family. Along with it are the famed grills of Gazebo. Patrons also recommend Raan-E-Sikandari, Jhinga Zaitooni, Murgh Zafrani Biryani, Dhingri, Mutter Paneer and many more.

The Gazebo network of restaurants are positioned at strategic locations and are hence able to deliver fresh and steaming hot food to the doorstep, delivered in high-grade microwavable containers. They also provide full catering services for corporate events and parties across the Emirates


Gazebo, also offers gift vouchers that make excellent wedding gifts, birthday presents allowing recipients to savour a 200-year-old culinary adventure in the comfort of 16 outlets across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi.



Gazebo Group

Gazebo, known for fine dining cuisine traditionally enjoyed by royalty, has 17 restaurants across UAE that offer signature authentic Indian dishes prepared by chefs, who are descendants of the bawarchis and rakabdars, presiding over the Mughal kitchens.


Using 200-year-old recipes, the extensive menu has a wide range of traditional culinary delights and biryanis for which it is well-known. Gazebo has perfected the Dum Pukht style of cooking, where food is cooked on low flame, trapping the natural flavors inside. The 17 outlets, set up over nearly two decades of serving fine cuisine, are available in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi.


Gazebo is halal certified, ISO and hazard certified to maintain the quality elements of the outlets.

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