Arcancil Paris – OohLala Eyelashes & Magic Highlight Review

Buzzingtales recently reviewed two new products launched by Arcancil Paris, Arcancil OohLALA! Eyelashes & Arcancil Paris: Magic Highlight.

Arcancil Paris oohlala-lash-extension

Voluminous, long, full and mesmerizing eyelashes are what most women crave to have. The dreamy eyelash extensions from Arcancil OohLaLA can make a huge difference to any ones looks. Eyelash extension is trending hot nowadays because they provide a full appearance to lashes and deliver that professional look to eyelashes that fashion models have, in a few minutes. I found that Arcancil OOhLaLa eyelashes are an improved version of false eyelash strips or mascaras and render impressive results.


With hectic schedules on our sleeves, it is a boon to look like a million dollar without spending too much time, energy and money. Well, Arcancil Paris lashes are certainly an answer to such a dream. Not only do they provide an instantly glamorous look, these lashes once set can stay on for weeks. I was skeptical of having them on throughout, but they turned out to be so comfortable that I never felt like it was not part of me. So I just rolled out of bed and went in for days looking gorgeous with my lashes thick and dark It was a mascaraed look minus all the clumping and smudging.


I would 100 percent recommend this product for all the glamor bees & fashionistas out there. I want you to experience the glamor and sexiness a voluminous, long, thick pair of lashes that all the Hollywood stars (and myself) are enjoying without having to spend a fortune.


Arcancil Magic highlight has now become a must have in my make-up kit. This product can be used over any foundation or cream that you put on your face. It accentuates the natural glow of the face and provides a flawless and pearly finish. I fell in love with my skin and overlook that this product delivered. It can be used to highlight areas like cheekbones, the center of your forehead, nose, chin, etc. With its glossy and creamy texture and delicate fragrance, it’s not only easy to apply but also a delight to wear it throughout the day. The Arcancil Magic Highlight is long lasting and only a minute quantity of the product is enough to endow you with an absolutely stunning look.


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Ansar Mall /Dubai Sharjah Raod      : Ansar Mall

Khalifa City Abu Dhabi                   : Safeer Khalifa City



ARCANCIL PARIS is a French makeup brand created in 1935 that has been achieving a true revival since its takeover in 2006 by INSTITUT CAMEANE; allowing it to get back on the international stage with a new team of cosmetic professionals and to give the brand, historically renowned, a modern and glamorous image.

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Story of the brand:

In 1935 the Havlick brothers, one chemist the other colorist, made their first inventions in their small laboratory, located at the very heart of Paris. Right from the launch of their first creation, the brothers became very successful and Arcancil Paris was quickly established as the eye make-up specialist brand.

Starting from 1966, the brand is distributed in the famous stores of Monoprix-Lafayette and is one of the first brand to set up in-store makeup animation. In 1994, Arcancil Paris is launched internationally and get distributed in 55 countries, on all continents. It becomes one of the first few brands distributed in Eastern countries as well as in the People’s Republic of China.

Since 2006, Arcancil Paris is part of Institut Caméane, a young start-up with the passion of entrepreneurship which managed to give the brand a new beginning.

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