Emirates Walk for Autism 2017, held in Dubai, Zabeel Park

Emirates Walk for Autism 2017, in Dubai, Zabeel Park

Autism awareness team announce new activities

Emirates Walk for Autism 2017 was held on 22nd April in Zabeel Park. Buzzingtales feels that when we recognize our challenges and build awareness about it half the battle is won. Autism is one such challenge that affects numerous individuals. Lack of awareness about autism and the societal stigma attached to it adds to the momentous problem. Autistic individuals can become contributing members of the society with a little help. Moreover, the joy they bring to life is an helps us become better human beings.

Dr. Nahida A Abdulkadir , founder of ‘The Emirates Walk For Autism’ (EWA) announced April 22nd as the date for the Emirates Walk for Autism to raise awareness for Autism in the UAE with participants from numerous special needs, media and local stakeholders keen to support the awareness walk with their staff and family participation.

Together with Red Crescent and within the framework of Sustainable Developments, Emirates Walk for Autism aims to raise awareness about autism in the UAE and encourage building and upgrading of education facilities and provide effective learning environments for all ages.

Autism Awareness Walk, Buzzingtales


The National Autism Awareness campaigns are held globally in April to help raise awareness, fund research and more importantly educate the public about Autism and its effects on the family and society in general. According to Dr. Nahida, the emotional and educational needs for Autistic children places immense financial and strain on affected families.

“The Emirates Walk for Autism helps families become more aware of autism, get assistance from specialist schools and medical professionals. Bringing all stakeholders together helps families get connected with other parents who are going through similar challenges,” said Dr. Nahida.

The 2017 event will focus on Autism first with a gala dinner with key stakeholders prior to the walk. For Autism awareness globally we will be part of the Light up in blue campaign as well as the walk itself.


“Educating public about Autism is important as one in 10 families in UAE are affected by Autism and society needs to be more supportive and understanding of the difficulty autistic children face during their daily life,” added Dr. Nahida.

Our Partners, Dubai Government, Dubai Municipality, DB Connection, Gulf Medical University, Dubai Medical College, University of Sharjah, Ras-AlKhaimah Medical University, Standing Committee on Medical Education- SCOME, Students, Comoros De Island, Bula Gulf, Dubai Drum, Coral Coast PR, Executive Women Magazine and a few Autism Centre’s are supporting this year event.

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