Eshak – Revolutionizing Middle Eastern Food- Buzzingtales Review

Eshak – Revolutionizing Middle Eastern Food- Buzzingtales Review


Buzzingtales restaurant review night confirms that the region’s Middle Eastern dining landscape is set to be transformed with the arrival of Eshak this month. We loved the contemporary decor and warm vibes of the place that was blended perfectly with the richness of middle eastern culture. Buzzingtales loved the fresh and healthy delectables and the fruit displays brought in the vibes of the souk into this modern environs.


Buzzingtales Review

The welcome drinks, Bay Breeze & Lemon Mint Passion fruit, made from fresh fruits were one of the most refreshing ones Buzzingtales has come across.  The Caprese Salad with sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and green basil, and seasoned with salt & olive oil set the tempo for the mouthwatering flavours and dishes of the main course. We lapped up all the gastronomical delights, be it the perfectly made chicken kebab, melt in your mouth Sishtawook, or the abosolutely gorgeous Chackbilli. This is a must visit place for all craving for fresh, healthy yet delicious food.

Eshak takes a contemporary approach to Middle Eastern cuisine, putting a unique spin on the expected for a dining experience that is colourful, flavourful and full of laughter. Eshak is located in Al Mustaqbal Street, Citywalk 2, a few steps away from City Walk Mall, the dynamic dining and retail hub. It is operated by Bulldozer Group Worldwide, one of the best-respected names in global hospitality, representing its first foray into casual dining.

Diners at Eshak are invited to immerse themselves in a unique ‘Choyhona’ concept that draws inspiration from the rich culture of the Silk Route, marked with homely touches, generous portions and friendly service. Dive into a fusion menu that masterfully blends Uzbek, European and Middle Eastern tastes, re-imagining the traditional whilst staying loyal to authentic roots. Highlight dishes include Daily Pilafs, Mantas, Khachapuris, as well as mouth-watering desserts from Baklava to Chak-Chak and the famous Assal Cake.

Eshak - Buzzingtales Restaurant Review


Eshak: Middle Eastern Food Re-Imagined

Bulldozer Group’s eclectic ‘Choyhona’ concept is now open in City Walk

Eshak was envisaged as a space where diners of all ages can meet and relax from morning until late any day of the week, with an inviting ‘home away from home’ ambiance even offering a specially created ‘Kid’s Menu’ to ensure all the family are catered for. The vibrant interior encapsulates the tranquil feel of a central Asian tearoom, with its eclectic mix of contemporary art-house interior fused with a cheerful range of traditional tapestries.


Located at Al Mustaqbal Street in City Walk 2 and surrounded by lush landscaped spaces and walkways, the restaurant also offers a beautiful and comfortable outdoor terrace. This enchanting urban hideaway reveals expansive views over Dubai’s metropolitan skyline, including the iconic Burj Khalifa. Tea Infusions and a Shisha menu encourages social dining and shared experiences lasting deep into the night.


Eshak - Buzzingtales Restaurant Review

Speaking about the March launch, Alexander Orlov, President of Bulldozer Group said: “Eshak will offer a wide selection of distinctive fusion dishes, in a setting that has been carefully conceived to offer diners the most memorable of experiences. The setting has all the feel and comforts of home, with the food reminiscent of a home-cooked Middle Eastern meal with an Uzbek twist. As a thoroughly international and cosmopolitan city, Dubai offers us the perfect opportunity to create a concept such as Eshak. We look forward to welcome guest to an experience like no other in Dubai.”

With a warm, welcoming ambience to all who walk through the doors, its generous attitude, home-cooked food and breath-taking setting, Eshak caters to Dubai diners looking to expand their horizons, capturing their imagination and feeding their soul.

The Bulldozer Group Worldwide has more than 90 restaurants worldwide and is present in seven countries, including the UAE, USA, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Eshak Buzzingtales Restaurant Review

Location Al Mustaqbal Street, CITY WALK 2, Dubai



About Eshak Restaurant:

Eshak offers Middle Eastern fusion cuisine catered towards Dubai’s diverse cosmopolitan community. The first UAE location for Eshak is Al Mustaqbal Street, Citywalk 2, in Dubai. With a unique ‘Choyhona’ experience, the restaurant offers a cheerful and electric ambiance featuring quirky rugs, art and contemporary music. Eshak’s kitchen offers generous portions and outstanding combinations, from a mixture of Uzbek, European and Middle Eastern flavours.

Eshak is brought to Dubai by the Bulldozer Group Worldwide, a successful food & beverage and leisure company that owns and operates more than 90 restaurants and is present in 7 countries: UAE, USA, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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