Asateer Atlantis Iftar – An Iftar spread from heaven

Asateer Atlantis Iftar – An Iftar spread from heaven

If you’re looking for an extravagant Iftar Asateer, Atlantis is definitely the place to go. A seemingly endless buffet set up under a humongous tent adorned with intricate designs & beautiful chandeliers. An exclusive array of shisha flavors was offered along with a traditional Arabic dance, Ardah, to add authentic Arabic vibes. Asateer Atlantis, Buzzingtales


Let’s start off with their dips. The spicy eggplant Moutabel was spot on. Its rich creamy texture was done justice by the addition of crunchy chips on top. Their Stuffed Vine Leaves filled with a combination of fragrant rice & herbs, best eaten along with the best salad of the night was something to savor. Multiple plates of Arabian Sushi were displayed stealing the limelight from every other starter. The braised beef and potato salad were made to perfection. The beef was tender and juicy to cut into, the sauce giving the boiled mini potatoes a rich sort of seasoning and as a whole, it was wonderfully aromatic. Other salads such as Cheese with Zatar and Original Home Styled Greek Salad with Feta Cheese stayed true to their authentic flavors. Buzzingtales could not stop gushing over the gorgeous ambiance of Asateer Atlantis.

Moving on to the main course, there were a variety of dishes that were absolutely mouthwatering.  They were perhaps amongst a fine indulgent selection of delicacies from all over the world. The shepherd’s pie was beautiful to look at with its crust of mashed potato and seasoned filling of minced beef with every bite flavor just oozing from it and melting into our tastebuds. Oriental Chicken with Garlic and Lemon Sauce & Chicken Parmigiana with Fried Basil were the top dishes for this protein. This one could be considered more of a curry with a rich thick sauce making the chicken quite delicious. The other dish was more dry and savory with a crunchy texture with every bite. Lamb Makanik with Pomegranate Sauce, was a delicacy we have never come across. The meat was well done the sauce a bit sour yet sweet. The combination of herbs used gave the dish quite an exotic feel to it. Last but not least, the Vegetable Lasagna without a doubt was the best dish of the night. The cheese carefully wrapped around the vegetables was not too overpowering. It had just right amount of peas and carrots seasoned Perfectly. Though a spicy dish due to the spices infused, Buzzingtales enjoyed it.

The desserts spread at Asateer Atlantis tasted out of this world. From the traditional Arab dishes like Kunafa with Cheese, Chaabeyat, Karabeej with Pistachio & Katayef with Ashta that were among our favorites. Traditional Turkish & Baklava ice cream made quite the impression. Both were memorable due to their high profile flavors. We ended on a sweet note with more American desserts such as Sticky Date and Banana Pudding, Apple Jalousie & Raspberry Cheesecake to a delicious variety of chocolate dishes ranging from tartlets, cream puffs, brownies, cakes. At Asateer Atlantis you can’t afford to miss the chocolate fountain served with marshmallows and an array of fruits.The buffet, hospitality, lighting and decor made this Iftar one of the most memorable one.

– Review for Buzzingtales by Sneha Sivanand

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