BenQ X12000 – True Cinematic Experience at Home (Buzzingtales Review)

Buzzingtales’s review of BenQ X12000, the newly unveiled 1st DLP 4K UHD LED Home Cinema Projector.


BenQ Buzzingtales

BenQ X12000 – The Product


BenQ’s newly launched BenQ X1200 is creating a ripple in the market. It is the first DLP 4K UHD LED projector in the home entertainment/cinema section. It is touted to replicate the cinematic quality of theater in the comfort of consumers home. This 4K-consumer DLP projector is great news for consumers who value the color and contrast advantage.

BenQ - Buzzingtales


BenQ X12000 – The Technology

 Combining Philips ColorSpark HLD LED Technology and Exclusive CinematicColor Technology this product is able to provide ultimate digital cinematic quality.

The visual quality is matchless with dual advantages of (8.3-million-pixel detail Philips ColorSpark HLD LED technology and BenQ’s exclusive CinematicColor Technology. With an ultra-wide DCI-P3 color gamut, the picture quality is flawless.

X12000’s 4K optical system delivers dazzling visual quality. It has 14 high-resolution elements, a true zoom system, and special low-dispersion lens coatings.


BenQ - Buzzingtales

BenQ X12000 – The Design


BenQ X12000 is quite a heavy piece weighing around 18.5 kg and with dimensions of W471 x H225 x D565mm to be precise. The sturdy yet aesthetic make help protect the interiors and vent out the heat generated. With curved edges, sleek black color and broad gray stripe and pleasing design BenQ X12000 is quite eye pleasing. The big lens is easy to calibrate the zoom rings and is apt for creating the high picture quality with up to 1.5x optical image enlargement. BenQ X12000 comes with a long, backlit remote.

BenQ Buzzingtales


BenQ X12000 – Installation


Despite its high-tech sophistication installing this projector is a child’s play if you discount the size and weight. Once the projector has been stationed at the right place all that has to be done is to plug in the cables, shift the image to project as desired by turning the knobs. The menu is minus all the fuss, and the projector itself has a number of presets to make your life as easy as it gets. This includes Cinema, a fascinating DCI-P3 option, as well as a wide range of gamma presets.


BenQ X12000 – The Experience


BenQ X12000 was set out in the market to provide the perfect theater experience to consumers at their homes. That is precisely what it does. This particular projector is apt for villas as well as homes with a dedicated space for home theater experience. This projector has been launched in UAE market already. It is priced at AED 30,000. This BenQ projector stands to put movie halls out of business if it becomes any more affordable.


BenQ X12000 – Buzzingtales Verdict


Buzzingtales loves to give a shout-out for genuine stuff. This projector delivers a spectacular audio-visual experience, for home entertainment, movies, gaming, and sports. Our encounter with BenQ X12000 was more than satisfying because of the ease of use. Truly an elevated Cinematic Experience at Home!

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