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R E V I V E – a luxury home massage service

Buzzingtales recently got rejuvenated by Revive Uae’s  luxury home massage therapy. Revive UAE brings in professional massage therapists from Thailand to your home, office, or hotel. We were intrigued by the concept but absolutely blown away by their service. They transformed the home atmosphere into a luxury spa experience. Anna my therapist brought in a massage bed complete with sheets and towels, a range of aroma oils, even candles and the right kind of soothing music. The best part was the massage itself that literally uplifted my spirits, calmed my mind and relaxed my body. Buzzingtales gives full marks to Revive UAE for such amazing service

Rivive UAE, Buzzingtales

Luxury In-Home Massages with REVIVE

REVIVE, offers luxury massages, & creates an entire in-home, premium massage experience. Each session is customized to meet your specific requirements. At REVIVE, you find the best massage therapists throughout the Middle East and Asia. The professional therapists are fully licensed and hand-selected based on their experience and professionalism. It offers 5-star in-home massage experiences at very affordable rates. You can purchase your in-home massage session by using secure online network or pay by cash at time of the service.You will have the private, confidential and high-quality, in-home massage you deserve.
How It Works
A luxury, in-home massage can be yours with these three quick steps.
1. Schedule
You can schedule your massage online or by phone within just minutes. You pick the time and place that’s best for you. The therapists are available from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.
2. Customize
 REVIVE, allows you to customize your massage experience, by selecting the exact type of massage therapy you want.
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Relaxation Massage
• Slimming Massage
• Prenatal Massage
• Sports Massage
• Swedish Massage
• Couples Massage
• Chair Massage for Revive at Work
3. Prepare to be Pampered
Your therapist will arrive at your home right on time. Our REVIVE massage therapists will provide a top-of-the line massage table, premium sheets, quality candles and relaxing music. This combination guarantees that you have the best massage experience possible.
Rivive UAE, Buzzingtales


REVIVE was created by Jennifer Tromba, with the sole purpose of delivering luxury home massages in the UAE. Having moved here from Miami Beach, Jennifer quickly fell in love with Dubai and all of its comforts. However, with a full time career and a young baby girl, Jennifer’s busy schedule did not allow her to visit 5 star hotels every time she wanted to get pampered. She quickly saw that many of her friends felt the same way! They loved getting massages but didn’t want to deal with traffic, making bookings, and having to choose between their family and themselves.
Jennifer knew she was on to a great idea which could do well if it was executed perfectly! With over 10 years of medical experience in the US and a keen eye for luxury, Jennifer had the perfect background to create a luxury home massage service. Half a dozen trips to Thailand and 200 massages later, Revive was born! Finally you can continue to enjoy luxury massages in the UAE without ever leaving the comfort of your home!
REVIVE is quickly becoming known for the quality of our massages, easy booking process, and our ability to combine luxury with convenience.

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