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IVF provides a ray of hope to many childless couples. How do you describe a world without children? Joyless, bereft of innocence and perhaps lifeless. Having a child or not in a relationship is however a very personal decision. For  couples who want a child in their life and yet are unable to, life becomes meaningless. Buzzingtales believes in adoption as a solution to this. However, there are never any simple straight cut solution. Each individual has a choice to make the beauty of science is to make many choices and dreams a reality. The future of IVF technology holds the promise of exciting prospects and higher success rates.


Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, celebrated the World IVF Day, and the birthday of Louis Brown. He is the first IVF baby at Bourn Hall, UK, the pioneers of this technology. Bourn Hall looks forward to affordable, non-invasive IVF procedure with fewer drugs and ovarian freezing, among the other innovations. The doctors stressed on genetic testing, choosing quality labs to strengthen pregnancy success rates. With so many hopefull couples, the market value of IVF procedures in the UAE is touted to rise to $1.5 billion by 2020.

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As the IVF technology continues to take great strides into the future, recent research suggests revolutionary advancements that will further strengthen the success rate of pregnancy. In the near future, couples opting for In Vitro Fertilisation can look forward to infertility treatments that will be more affordable, non-invasive and with the help of fewer drugs. Older women, too, will stand a better chance of successful pregnancy. Other possibilities include growing eggs in a lab, and freezing ovarian tissues instead of eggs for better results. With further inroads into genetic testing including comprehensive methods, such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), the success rate of IVF seems to be on the rise.


This was highlighted at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, on the World IVF Day, which also marks the birthday of Louis Brown, the first baby born through In Vitro Fertilisation at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic, UK, 39 years ago. Speaking at the event, Dr David Robertson, Group Medical Director, Bourn Hall International, focused on the emerging technologies in IVF. The event also celebrated the various milestones in IVF technology which was pioneered by Bourn Hall Clinic founders, Robert Edwards – who won a Nobel Prize in Medicine – and Patrick Steptoe.


“The future of IVF holds some very exciting prospects and we are looking at some great technologies which will hopefully materialise soon,” said Dr Robertson, “There are treatments such as In Vitro Maturation (IVM), where immature eggs are harvested with minimal medication, and matured in the lab, reducing or putting an end to the need for hormone injections. Similarly, there are prospects of freezing ovarian tissue prior to fertility declining, which could be then be transplanted back into a women’s body to resolve normal ovarian function. Moreover, pilot studies have been conducted to ‘re-energize the battery’ of aging egg cells in older women which could potentially lead them to have successful pregnancies.”


Focusing on NGS, which screens a chromosome from 10,000 different points for abnormalities, Dr Robertson also stressed on the need for genetic testing particularly in the UAE, which registers a higher number of consanguineous marriages. The procedure is particularly important for those with family history of chromosomal abnormality of any single gene disorder, recurrent pregnancy losses, implantation failures, unexplained infertility, advanced maternal age and male factor infertility. As per news report, the UAE is home to more than 400 genetic disorders, many of which are preventable if properly screened at the right time. The new-age PGS and PGD tools have given hope to thousands of couples of conceiving babies that are free of hereditary diseases that they themselves were plagued with.


Dr Robertson further advised couples to give importance to choosing the right IVF lab since this is where fertilization occurs, embryos are cultured before transfer, and highly sophisticated procedures such as ICSI, assisted hatching, and genetic testing are performed. He cautioned couples to ensure that the lab they choose follows strict protocols and international standards.


“A full service IVF lab will also have the ability to safely freeze and store eggs and sperm. It should also have up-to-date lab processes and protocols, high-quality equipment and supplies, high-quality air filtration system, careful light and temperature control and highly experienced and qualified laboratory director and staff,” he added.


Celebrating the successful IVF journey over nearly four decades, Hoda Abu Jumra, Group CEO, Bourn Hall International, said: “On this day, I’d like to congratulate all the couples who have grown their family through assisted reproductive technology thanks to Bourn Hall founder Dr Edwards pioneering technique in IVF. We believe it is our responsibility to court high international standards of quality care, principles and expertise along with introducing and adopting the latest global fertility methods for optimum success rate. This is evident in all our endeavours; for instance, Bourn Hall boasts of the first and largest lab in Asia to be a ‘clean room’ laboratory, and our clinic is the only one outside the US to receive the prestigious gold seal of approval from American quality regulator- JCI.”


Currently, thousands of babies are born through IVF procedures every year with the global market value of IVF anticipated to reach $27 billion by 2020. In the UAE, the figures will reportedly escalate to $1.5 billion in the next three years.


About Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai


Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, is part of Bourn Hall International (BHI), UK. BHI is a group of world-class branded in vitro fertilization (IVF) reference centers in Dubai and Delhi/Gurgaon. Bourn Hall founders invented IVF in 1978 with the first successful birth of a child, Louise Brown, conceived through an IVF procedure or “test tube baby”.  Since then, ‘Bourn Hall’ has become synonymous with IVF and most of what is today the standard treatment protocol for IVF procedures has been pioneered and established by Bourn Hall.  As the ultimate testament of Bourn Hall’s world-leading expertise, its founder, Professor Robert Edwards, was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2010 for the invention of IVF.


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