Jab Harry Met Sejal At Vox Cinema’s Dubai

Jab Harry Met Sejal At Vox Cinemas from today:

Hold on to your hearts Dubailanders, as Jab Harry met Sejal, starring the King of hearts, Shah Rukh Khan and the gorgeous Anushka Sharma screens today. Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka whipped up a storm when they visited VOX Cinemas Deira City Centre on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 to celebrate the upcoming release of their movie. Written and directed by Imtiaz Ali, JHMS is more than just a movie shot across 6 cities in Europe. It has all the markings of Imtiaz Ali written all over it – from a soul-searching journey to the complexity of human emotions to a fair dose of humor and entertainment. The movie is to hit the VOX cinemas across UAE on 3rd August.


It was pure mayhem that unfolded at Deira City Centre with throngs of fans of different nationalities hankering and screaming for a glimpse of the stars. There was not even a murmur of complaint when Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka landed almost 2 hours late but charmed their way into everyone’s heart. The Badasha Khan displayed just why he is so well loved. He patiently mingled with all, danced and even requested them to take care of their children in the crowd, being sensitive and not pushing and drinking lots of water to battle the heat. There were fans who left their infants at home, and even job interviews, waited for 6 -7 hrs. just to breathe the same air as Shah Rukh Khan.

After the fan interaction, the press conference unfolded at the VOX Theatre. The camaraderie & and mutual respect between the two actors were evident through out.

On Travel & Transformation


SRK: Though I am not much of a traveler, we did quite a bit of traveling for this movie. During the filming Imtiaz, Anushka and I grew fonder & closer to each other, in a comfortable/cozy sort of way, just like family. A song in the movie, Dil Maine Ghar Kar Gaye, describes my feeling aptly. All three (Imtiaz, Anuska and the movie) have found a special place in my heart. In that way yes, traveling has brought about a more positive transformation in our relationship.


AS: I like to take off alone and put myself in uncomfortable situations. I feel stepping out of your comfort zone is good for the soul. It helps to find different perspectives on life. Imtiaz’s films are more special because through the journey of the film the characters find themselves. They discover the things that complement and complete them. They discover themselves and love, through the travel.


On how the character of Harry evolves:


Imtiaz’s movies have an amazing dichotomy. They are written simply but with characters having complex, intense, internal feelings & emotions. Harry undergoes an immense transformation, from a young man seeking to materialize his dreams, to one who has lost it in most ways. It is at this point that Sejal comes to his life. How he evolves from there is something to watch out for in the movie.


On how Anushka’s & Shah Rukh’s relationship grown



AS: I feel more at ease now. Shah Rukh has been consistently supportive of me. He is the best actor to work with for a debutant. He is one of the most giving people I have come across. Over the years my gratitude, respect, and love for him has increased


On Love destination


SRK: Sare Jahan se acha Hindustan hamara. Noor Mahal in Punjab is where we found all the facets of love. Although we visited beautiful places abroad it was at home, despite the heat, that all definition of love amalgamated.

On what Harry is seeking


SRK: What Harry is searching actually forms the crux of the film. Harry comes to know at the movie’s climax that what he has been seeking is actually seeking him. Most times our dreams are staring us in the face but we fail to recognize them.

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