Gavee Gold – A Gem in Skin Care World

A few weeks back Buzzingtales received a beautiful review pack of Gavee Gold products from Boost Global. The product made an impactful impression right from the beginning. Packed in beautiful little elegant cream-colored containers with gleaming, gold topped lids, it felt like we were all set to discover some rare treasure. These Tifany Andersen products have been creating waves across the globe for their usage of organically extracted, metal free, purified 24 K liquid Gold extract.

Gold has long been recognized for its beneficial effect in knocking out years from the skin. The method in which Gavee Gold uses Gold allows the beneficial effects of the minerals to be absorbed easily by the skin. The formula contains pure nutrients needed for the health of the skin. The product does not have any abrasive particles or nano particles.

Gavée Gold has developed a formula for high-performing, natural, and organic skin care agents that help restore and replenish unhealthy, aging skin. As the products are toxic free the skin can breathe easy as it does not infuse toxic chemicals.


Products We Used


I used the Liquid Gold Peptides, which actually helped my skin feel plumped up, brighter and more hydrated. I used this in the morning right after my face was completely clean and a little moist. I used the Golden Enzymes once in 3 days after lightly cleaning up my face. The enzymes helped to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells as well as bring out a soft shine to it. The Royal day and night cream which is for regeneration of skin cells and is a pigment fighter, helped reduce the stress signs from my skin. I used the Heart of Gold Elixir on alternate nights with the Royal Day and Night Cream.

Our Experience

I must say I noted visible improvement in my skin tone and there was a reduction of pigmentation near my eye area. Although the pigments were not visible I could see them on microscopic examination of my face, the way most of us do in the mornings. These spots started to diminish on the application of Gold Gavee. My skin is oily and so I do not have any problems of dryness, and hence I did not see any marked difference in hydration level. It did, however, feel more supple. The product felt very light and natural on my skin. There was no artificial fragrance. I loved the fact that my face did feel brighter with each application.

Our Verdict

The damage to our skin due to our modern lifestyle, pollution level, stress and nutritional deficiency cannot be brushed aside. There is no replacement for a healthier lifestyle. It is however reassuring to know that there are products like Gavee Gold to lean upon when ever we fall short in walking the healthy road. What makes the product so effective is the combined effect of 3 powerful, organically purified ingredients: 24K Metal Free Liquid Gold, Mineral Cell Salts, and Ozonated Super Omega Oils 3, 6, and 9. Buzzingtales gives a 10/10 to this one.

Minakhee Mishra

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