47 Meters Down – At Novo Cinemas, Dubai from 10th August

47 Meters Down – At Novo Cinemas, Dubai from 10th August

47 Meters Down perked up our interest, as it is a tale of an encounter with the most feared predators. Watching the premiere show of the movie at NOVO cinema in Dubai Festival City, was a double bonus as our cinema experience always reaches a new high at the spacious, classy and luxurious NOVO halls. 47 Meters Down is all set to be screened at Novo Cinemas in Dubai from August 10th onwards.


This 2017 British survival horror film, directed by Johannes Roberts, written by Roberts and Ernest Riera, offers ample nail biting moments. The plot revolves around Mandy Moore(Lisa), and Claire Holt (Kate), the two sisters vacationing at Mexico. Lisa is just recuperating from a broken relationship and wants to prove to herself and her boyfriend that she is a carefree and fun loving person. Kate, the more adventurous of the two convinces her to cage dive in the deep sea to sight shark. The cable holding the cage breaks and nose-dives 47 meters down to the seabed. The sisters are trapped inside the cage with the deadly sharks stalking them.

Being under the sea, inside a cage, surrounded by sharks not enough to put you on the edge of your seats? Well, the tension soars higher with the fast depleting oxygen level in the tanks, injuries, panic attack, nitrogen bubble, hallucination and a dead rescuer. The movie is fast paced and doesn’t squander much in dialogue. The tension and fear are conveyed convincingly. The movie is not for the faint-hearted viewers seeking entertainment. The sharks rendered through CGI were convincing enough for me to cringe every time they popped on screen. The spooky setting and claustrophobic feel, work well for the movie plot. Though the story line is simple and predictable it conveys the racy, horrific episode of the sisters in a gripping manner. Prepare to be spooked and watch out for the movie at Novo Cinemas.

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