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Buzzingtales had heard a lot about Dermae skin care products. During the vacation, being outdoors through out the day is a regular affair. Skin care goes for a toss during such times. Breakouts, suntans and tiredness plague the skin. So naturally when our review pack arrived, right on heels of our post vacation blues I was thrilled.


Dermae review pack consisted of Daily purifying Detox scrub, Charcoal mask, Acne cleanser, Anti-wrinkle scrub, Hydrating scrub, and a Night Cream.

Dermae, Buzzingtales

The Detox Daily Detox Scrub with activated charcoal, algae, green tea extracts etc is ideal for acne treatment. It helps exfoliate and clean the micro-pollutants and impurities. I used only a little amount and followed the instructions to apply in a circular motion, avoiding the eyes. It really helped clear out the few breakouts I had.


The purifying charcoal mask has dual functions. It unclogs pores, cleaning out impurities. It also gently exfoliates the skin to bring to the surface a fresh and glowing one. I loved the charcoal mask especially because it smelled great and was not grainy on the skin.

Dermae, Buzzingtales

Those with sensitive skin can benefit more from Acne cleanser instead of a scrub. The scrub is not at all harsh but it is better to use the Acne cleanser when there are many persistent breakouts.

The hydrating scrub is mostly for those with dry skin. It leaves the skin feeling less stretchy and more supple.

The Anti-wrinkle cream as the name suggests is for more mature skin. This is a must have for all who are above 35. I recommend this, as prevention is always better than cure.


I always feel that night creams are the best. They work their magic even as one sleeps. All the Dermae products have natural and eco-friendly ingredients and hence they are not harsh on the skin. The organic ingredients are not just gentle on the skin they are also very effective. We often undermine the power of nature. The need of the hour is to harness nature in sustainable & eco-friendly ways. I am happy to come across a product that is taking steps in the right direction.

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