Adventure of Life with Nike

I dedicate this poem to Nike – ” Just Do It “and the spirit of adventure. Life is an adventure that takes us down several paths. It is a  learning experience as well as an opportunity to evolve and better ourselves. Why not dive into this adventure with the stylish, chic and no fuss attire? The Nike back to school collection is slaying it with its cool blacks and functional design. Check out the ever so durable and fashionable Mens & Womens collection of trendy shoes and attires.

 Trials on the trail of life   

What is this furor?

Why this uproar?

No murderer or sinner

I’m no criminal or offender.

I walk, I run

exploring new terrain.

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With the zest of a child

just learning to toddle and stride.

I fear not a fall,

of getting bruised or burnt.

Learning each day

with faith in my heart-

For I know you have sanctified my path.

I may fumble or trip,

over the stones laid on the trail.

I may lose my route on dark alleyway-

But with my resolve strong, my destination untainted,

you Master Maker will smooth out my wounds.

At the end of the dark tunnel, there will be your glowing light-

Illuminating my being, erasing the pain,

for I would have passed each test each trial on life’s lane.

Nike not just been the impetus behind great sports personalities, athletes, and adventure loving people, it has even graced silver screen (Forest Grump), featured in small screen, is an indispensable entity in west coast hip-hop street style.
Equipped with a simple outer design the shoe consists of the Nike Swoosh symbol across the sides and a streak across the lower portion of the outer sole. Although in the initial years leather was used to construct the shoe Bowerman changed the material of the shoe’s upper to nylon and suede to reduce the weight. Over the years many innovative ways were incorporated to enhance comfort, reduce weight as well as to stylize it better.

The newly launched white collection is taking sophistication and effortlessly trendy to new heights. These simplistic yet stylish designs reflect cool futuristic vibes. With soft calming aura, they are the hottest things for an adventure filled summer. Nike is not just about shoes anymore. The brand cuts across demographics and multifaceted needs. The back to school collection has an enviable lineup shoes and clothes. Who wouldn’t love to stock up their closets with these?

Minakhee Mishra

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