Child Health Awareness event at Fabyland

As part of ‘Child Health Awareness’ Fabyland organized two fun-filled and informative events. The events were scheduled at Fabyland, Level 2, and Dubai Festival City on Friday, 20th October with Mirna Sabbagh and Saturday 21st October with Mitun De Sarkar from 10:00am to 12:00pm. These ‘free to attend’ health sessions were conducted to educate parents on the importance of physical activity, exercise and proper nutrition for their children.

Buzzingtales attended the event with Mitun De Sarkar. Mitun is a Dietician with over 11 years of experience. She practices at Northwest Clinic and is known for her customized meal plans on her website Simply Healthy Diets.

While the parents were getting tips on good food for their little one the got to enjoy an energetic day at Fabyland as they experienced the ‘Climbing wall’, the play area and ‘My Town’

I always believe that the child is the reflection of their parent’s image. This is not in terms of the physical aspect. Mitun reiterated that each parent should first practice what he or she preaches. For the child the parents serve as role model. They have immense responsibility on their shoulder. This extends to not just looking after the psychological, physical and cognitive wellbeing of the children but also after themselves. The house is the safest place for a child. So the parents should protect the house from all that might cause the child any damage. This includes not stuffing the fridge with junk and ready mad food. There are many specific and general concerns that a parent may have regarding what constitutes good food for the child. The basic and most fundamental fact is that any food not cooked in the home kitchen is bad. That is not to say that we can succeed as parents by completely insulating the child from all outside food or junk food. We would fail miserably in the process and the whole thing is bound to back fire. We can hope to make some good progress only when we educate the child well regarding what is good eating habits; what are the bad food and why; what can happen to them if they fail to take care of their body and eat responsibly. In doing so we not only gain the confidence of the child but also empower him/her to take decisions in a responsible manner. We can also hope that they come back to us and share their experiences of success as well as failure and their continual effort to eat better.


Given are a few questions that Buzzingtales posed to Mitun regarding Gut health and how to improve it and her response to the same?


  • What are the he best ingredients for your child’s Gut Health? (Probiotics available easily in food etc.)

It’s quite difficult to give kids probiotics as they can’t have foods like sauerkraut or kombucha and any kind of pickles.

The best way would be to give them pre and probiotics for children easily available at the pharmacy in the form of pearls or chewies (lactobacillus acidophilus is an important culture)

Also, you can give your kids plain activia yogurt or plain Yoplait yogurt that reads on the label probiotic cultures.

Try giving Kefir to them if they enjoy the taste.

Avoid the sweetened yogurts as sugar can irritate the gut.

  • What are the best oils to use for cooking?

Regular Olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, sesame oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil.

  • Are chocolates fine on a regular basis or occasionally?

Chocolates should be completely avoided rill the age of 2.

Afterwards once a week a small bar is ok.

But be careful if you child is lactose intolerant or can’t handle caffeine.

  • What constitutes a balanced diet for a child?


A child’s diet varies from age to age. In general they need a very balanced diet. It si importany to be careful of portion distortion, which means over feeding our kids with large amounts of food. To break it down

Your child needs healthy carbohydrates:

Brown rice


Sweet potatoes

Organic corn



Broken wheat

Whole grain high fiber pastas

Healthy Proteins

Omega 3 eggs preferably organic

Chicken breast


Grass fed beef

Kidney beans


Black beans

All kinds of lentils and moong beans



Goat milk

Buffalo milk

Camel milk


Coconut yogurt

Healthy fats

Organic almond butter

Organic peanut butter


Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds


Coconut oil



Almond milk

Coconut milk


Vegetables and fruits

All kinds of Green, red, yellow, orange, purple vegetables and fruits

In sugars raw honey is acceptable

Little babies could be intolerant to some foods like nuts and dairy and lactose. You have to be cautious. Don’t start any Nuts or seeds till 2.5 to 3 yrs. of age.


Overall limit fast food, junk food, sugary treats, sugary beverages, and excess cow’s milk.


Fresh cheese is acceptable sometimes like fresh mozzarella, buffalo cheese

The kids need to try a variety of foods and eat fruits and vegetables daily.

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