Soho Garden takes entertainment to a whole new level

Dubai has always been high on entertainment options and with Soho Garden opening at Meydan from Friday December 22nd 2017 it’s going to get scorching hot.


Buzzingtales got the 1st look of the gigantic new chill-out hub at the launch of their first installment, making Soho Garden Dubai’s most recent and biggest entertainment terminus.

Soho Garden Buzzingtales

At the sensational party special guest DJ Roger Sanchez added fervor to impressive venue. Aesthetically the hangout place was a unique blend of chic & casual with eclectic mixture of extravagance. The spectacular new venue drew in young, stylish and energetic crowd at hundreds.


Soho Garden spanning over, the 14,000 sq m houses new restaurants, bars and nightclubs, alongside swimming pools and a 10,000-capacity concert area, which is to bring in electrifying entertainment.

In the 1st phase Soho Garden with a capacity of 800 will also include 4 bars designed to take guests through the day right into soothing night. The pool club area is surrounded by lush foliage.


Guests will have a wide range of options from the Glasshouse Bar which is indoor, slick spot Bellini Bar, the laid-back Tiki Bar to the elegant Negroni Bar. The uninterrupted views of the Downtown Dubai skyline add magic to the already dreamy place.

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