Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine – In Sustainable City

Lets get on Tuk Tuk for an exciting Thai gastronomical adventure ride. Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant is a true hidden gem in the heart of the beautiful oasis of greenery and green living – The Sustainable City.

This warm food haven is located on the Al Qudra Road, equidistant from the bustle of Downtown Dubai and the vast open Arabian Desert, in the heart of Sustainabe City. We loved the warmth & personal touch, which co-owner & manager Sam added meticulously to every tiny thing & elevated our experience. The food was lip smacking & I rate it among the top Thai Cuisine.


Buzzingtales loved the decor as well as the Tuk Tuk ( Auto) emerging from one of the walls. The interiors were put together thoughtfully and each element transported us to Thailand. The chic lighting and the elaborate golden chandelier like artwork, caught our attention.


We started off with a Tuk Tuk platter as our starter and some Tom Yum soup & Coconut chicken soup. The Tom Yum soup was absolutely delightful. The chicken coconut soup was especially meant for the kids. The chemistry of sweetness & slight hint of spiciness worked great for them. The Tuk Tuk platter was absolutely flawless and was lapped up by us in a wink. We were salivating especially over the toasted sesame prawns. The platter catered beautifully to our family of veg and non-veg people. The veg spring rolls were delicious and crispy without being oily. Perhaps one of the best I have had in a long time.

Tuk Tuk , Buzzingtales

If the entrée was inviting the main won us over completely. We loved the perfect balance of spices in the chicken green curry. Our vegetable dish with toasted cashew nut was lip smacking. I loved the fried Thai rice and noodles. We loved the gravy of the green curry so much that we went in for a plain white sticky rice just to finish it up. Despite the scrumptious spread we managed to polish off everything.

Tuk Tuk , Buzzingtales

The dessert was the icing on the cake. We underestimated ourselves when we ordered for 1 fried banana with ice – cream. We had thought our distended tummy can handle only wee bit of it. To the utter dismay of our poor tummy we just couldn’t help scooping off spoon full of the finger licking dessert.

Our lovely host, Sam (Manager and Co-Owner) told us that Tuk Tuk symbolized there personal love for Thai food although she was an Iranian. Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine has another branch in Midriff and we hope they will be opening more branches all over Dubai. Sam mentioned that she is a stickler for hygiene and ends up micro managing everything. Her passion for what she does reflect in the food, ambience and charm of Tuk Tuk. Buzzingtales recommends this lovely family friendly place.


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