Pullman hosts the Maharaja of spices Sweety Singh

When the Maharaja called Buzzingtales to Pullman, we were beyond thrilled. Well, before you get wondering if we have been hit by mental disease, let me elaborate further. The Maharaja we are talking about is the Celebrity Chef and King of Indian cuisine, Sweety Singh. The memorable evening at Pullman was special as Chef Sweety Singh was in Dubai to launch the newest version of “Art Of Spice” at Medley Restaurant in Pullman, Dubai.


The magical evening with the Maharaja of Spices was special as, Sweety Singh let out his most potent, secret ingredient, used in his delectable Indian Dishes. He said that LOVE was the most magical ingredient that one can elevate any dish. Mothers food, cooked at home, always remains our most favorite because it is cooked with love and care. The Chef, who has had no formal education in the Art of Food making said anything we do with passion and love is bound to shine. He believes in simplicity both in the making of food as well as its presentation. He also demonstrated his special method of slow cooking.


Pullman, Buzzingtales

The lavish Medley restaurant was dressed to suit the theme. A majestic elephant statute stood near the entrance. The warm and cordial staff added to the charm of the restaurant. An outdoor sitting seating area, offered beautiful views of the skyline a moon lit sky. Personally I loved the chat section with different types of chat and Indian street food.

Pullman, Buzzingtales



The menu was exhaustive and resplendent with all the delicious Indian delicacies. The kabab section serving both veg and non-veg kababs and hot oven fresh Indian breads was also one of my personal favorite. Dessert was quiet another ball game. There were both the traditional Indian as well as a host of international dessert. If you are at Medely Pullman ask for the Chilli Halwa. It was something I had never heard of before and yet very delicious. The strawberry lassi with cream in it was a different take from the usual Lassi. For the not so adventures there was the good old masala chai and Jeera lassi. Jeera and curd are both known to be great for digestion. So after a load full of finger licking food I stuck to Jeera Lassi and loved it too!

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