Helipad by Camry at Dubai Festival City

On 21st Feb Buzzingtales got to preview the Helipad by Camry experience. Helipad by Camry brings to UAE the first such experience by Dubai Festival City Mall in collaboration with Toyota. Staying in Dubai comes with its share of pros and cons. The fast-paced life here means that relaxing with family is a rarity unless you make a conscious effort for it. The Helipad experience at Dubai Festival City Festival Bay ensures that once you arrive at the venue you are guaranteed a one of a kind-relaxing ambiance. Our time at Helipad comprised of a beautiful, dreamy, evening at Dubai Festival City Mall which brings in the Cinema experience under the stars & dreamy open sky.


What: Helipad by Camry

Where: Dubai Festival City, Festival Bay

When: 22nd Feb – 14th April

Camry, Buzzingtales

Starting from 22nd FEB – 14th April. Dubaifestival City in collaboration with Toyota UAE launched the first Helipad (by Camry) Cinema Experience in Dubai. Lively, fantasy setting with Dubai, Festival Bay skyline, the award-winning Imagine show along with the musical fountain elevated our cinema experience to an unbelievable level. We nibbled & hogged on delectable tit-bits from joints at helipad like KONA Pizza. The conical shaped Pizza from Kona Grill is an absolute must-have. I had never tried caramel popcorn earlier, but I did get adventurous at Helipad. Let me tell you it was delectable, crispy, caramelized balls of delights. I must admit I have been missing out a lot of flavor for someone with a sweet tooth.


Now let us talk about the experience of cinema under the stars. If you have ever been to Dubai festival city Festival Bay, you will understand what I mean when I call it one of the most romantic places. I would recommend taking the Abra to get to Festival Bay and chuck the car. You would already be charged by the ride on the serene water making way to the ferry, and the lovely views surrounding the waters. An evening visit via the Abra will already elevate you to another astral level. With the current weather being so kind to Dubai you will enjoy the walk from the Abra stop to the Festival Bay. Make sure to call the mall and check on the timings and movie showing at the Helipad. Once you get there be prepared to set out on scintillating, refreshing and yet relaxing experience. Helipad by Camry is a not to be missed experience for sure.

Minakhee Mishra

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