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Have we ever considered that a simple thing like Dry-cleaning can affect our environment? Living a comfortable modern life comes with its own share of cons. We may not realize the impact immediately, but the carbon footprints have deep and far-reaching tentacles. As a mother and an empathetic global citizen, I would like my children & the future generation to grow up in an environment that is safe, healthy and well endowed with all the resources that the world should “naturally” have. Unfortunately, for each step we take towards convenient living we fall back many steps in the sustainable & green world.

Until a few weeks, I did not imagine that a regular and seemingly harmless service like Dry-Cleaning can generate toxic chemicals that not only damage the environment but that it is extremely hazardous for humans.

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On an average, most dry cleaning shops produce harmful waste products, including dyes, solvent, soils, carbon, grease, and powdered filter material like Perchloroethylene. Perchloroethylene has been identified as a likely carcinogen according to the International Association for Research on Cancer. This chemical not only poisons the environment, it’s remnant on the dry-cleaned clothes have a long-term impact on human health.

What do we do in such situations? Do we stop Dry-cleaning our clothes? Of course not! We go for better and more environmentally friendly services. Realization of a problem is always the first and most important step towards its resolution. Recently I discovered an innovative dry cleaning business, Champion Cleaners. These Dry Cleaners employ the latest innovations in technology and environment, such as GreenEarth Cleaning. This is, a non-toxic silicone based solution; Wet Cleaning technology, the safest and most advanced water and energy saving dry cleaning method; and i-Genius technology, a chemical free, Ozone cabinet that destroys bacteria, sanitizes and deodorizes quickly and thoroughly. I availed their services through the app and found it super convenient to have my stuff picked up and delivered too! Though a tad expensive than the normal Dry cleaners this super service is certainly for the green health conscious people.

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