BenQ’s Eye Care Monitor – A socially responsible technology

I recently got introduced to BenQ’s Eye Care Monitor that is known to breathe life into PC viewing. Apart from that, it is touted to have the technology that ensures eye friendly viewing. Eye health has gone for a toss as we get exposed to more and more gadgets & screens in a techno-savvy world. With summer vacations on it is next to impossible to keep kids away from, tabs, PC and TV. So I was more than happy to review BenQ’s latest model, EL2870U that is equipped with 4K high-resolution and HDR.




Ease Of Installation

First up I would like to comment, that I am a person who consumes technology liberally, but I break into a cold sweat even at the mention of setting up any gadget. However, I braved myself to unbox this one and set it up on my own. I felt like a pro and was patting myself on the back as I readied the monitor for use with a few pushes & shoves. However, I should credit honestly, and no matter how proud I felt it was the ease of installation of the BenQ Monitor that was the true winner.

BenQ's Eye Care Monitor, Buzzingtales

At the onset, I felt the BenQ ‘s PC monitor struck a sleek pose and is perfect for cinema lovers & gamers, alike. The model comes with BenQ’s latest technologies and their trademark combination of utility and sophistication. But is it conducive for the binge-watching sessions (especially when kids indulge in it during these summer breaks)? Does it take care of your eyes? Is it value for money? I will answer all these questions as I break the model down for you.


Adjustable Screen

If I look at the model and its physical attributes, the first thing that strikes me is how sleek but sturdy the model is. I placed the set on a small side table and despite my warnings to be careful, the kids subjected it to a good measure pulls and jerks through their intense gaming sessions. The screen is adjustable according to the viewer’s height, as discovered by my little in-house techie. The 27.9 inches metallic grey body does a wonderful job of framing your visual while not interfering with your viewing.

BenQ's Eye Care Monitor, Buzzingtales

Great Image Quality

I decided to test out a family movie session too on BenQ’s Eye Care Monitor. One of the first things to note is its brilliant clarity. At 300 nits and with their Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology, the visuals are breathtaking. The technology adjusts brightness even in the darkness and avoids overexposure. The HDR 10 technology gives the images a boost and captivates your attention. With integrated speakers, the monitor is a complete entertainment unit. It has a Super Resolution Mode that is tailor-made for cinema viewing.


Two things really stood out for me for this model.


  1. The smooth transition between frames that made all the movement so clear while retaining its vigour.
  2. The range of colours that gave the film a life-like quality. The colour scheme seems to have borrowed from the natural world by enhancing the images.


Low Blue Light Technology for Eye Health


One of the distinct features of this BenQ ‘s model is its Low Blue Light Technology that takes care of your eyes. With continued viewing, our eyes become fatigued and over time, can even lead to serious problems. The trademark technology reduces eye fatigue and irritation and filters out the harmful blue light. Its flicker-free technology gives you a consistent viewing experience and eliminating the harmful effects it has on your eyes. Most screens that tend to sacrifice eye care in favour of sharper images. This is where the EL2870U scores above the competition as it maintains perfect picture quality and gives your eyes all the comfort.

BenQ's Eye Care Monitor, Buzzingtales

All in all, BenQ’s new model ticks all the boxes and more as it gives you complete value for money. It also takes care of that eternal by-product of long-term screen viewing, namely, poor eye health. This certainly is a great product for those looking for a quality monitor for gaming, films and creative professionals.

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