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Buzzingtales recently had an unforgettable Ladies Night at Maison Rouge, Dubai in at Conrad Dubai. A night out with as old as gold friends are always special but what do you say when all the fun, craziness & celebrations skyrockets to unprecedented highs. We attested the Miss Burlesques Ladies Night at Maison Rouge with dazzling live performance & 50% off main courses from the a la carte menu and 4 complimentary beverages. However, Maison Rouge has lots more to offer than a memorable Ladies Night.

An intimate dinner and a show experience unravelled right in front of us. We were zapped by the sheer elegance & red-hot gorgeousness of the venue. With every platter laid out and every sip of a drink, we were transported into the giddy romantic world of Moulin Rouge Paris. From the red decor, the stage settings, the sizzling, enticing & exciting performances, absolute foot-tapping numbers ( thanks to the in-house DJ )the refreshing drinks & delectable fine dining cuisine to the ever-smiling warm & tattooed server – all elevated the charm of Maison Rouge sky high. We wanted to lounge in there for eternity. A unique dining and entertainment experience located in at the Conrad, Sheikh Zayed Road. Maison Rouge takes a contemporary approach to the ‘Dinner and Show’ concept, putting a unique spin on the traditional concept, for a dining experience that is colourful, flavourful and full of laughter.


I am certain that the regions entertainment dining landscape will be transformed by the new arrival of Maison Rouge. Maison Rouge is a fusion of creative cuisine and visual performance arts, which effortlessly unravels the intimate story of the relationship between gastronomy and art. We were immersed in a truly sensory journey that oozes sophistication, drama and a lively party atmosphere.

We feasted on the live performances from the venues 15 internationals performers that takes place daily from 9 PM and goes on throughout the night. The artists wore a variety of dazzling costumes and perform various shows that took on a contemporary twist of Parisian burlesque and cabaret. The acts included live performances from a talented pianist, saxophonist, a stunning electric violinist and show-stopping dancers. We were in awe at the various acts that flit between cabaret, jazz and modern ballet. The music is high-voltage and merges current tunes with traditional music that reflect the theme of the dance show taking place at that moment. Maison Rouge is looked like a place constantly evolving as to make sure no two nights are the same.

The menu concept was equally visually exciting, with drinks served in roses, displays of smoking ice and exquisite artistic creation that are almost too beautiful to eat. The kitchen is spearheaded by executive Chef Chokanov Timur. Originally Russian, Chef Chokanov has international experience in some of the finest restaurants around the globe. His menu offers a variety of international flavours inspired by cooking techniques taking influence from various corners of the world. The menu highlights the chef’s creativity and skill through a range of mouthwatering dishes that are served with artistic flair and poetic drama.

Maison Rouge, Buzzingtales

The venues concept blurs the lines of the traditional dinner and a show experience with its lively, glamorous party atmosphere, wrapped up in an intimate setting, paired with food and beverages from their carefully curated menu that is a visual rival to the performances on stage.

Speaking about the venue launch, co-founder Alexandra Vovchenko of Maison Rouge said: “Maison Rouge offers a unique experience, a wide selection of distinctive fusion dishes, in a setting that has been carefully conceived to offer diners the most memorable, and intimate show-stopping experiences. As a thoroughly international and cosmopolitan city, Dubai offers us the perfect opportunity to create a concept such as Maison Rouge. We look forward to entertaining our guests and offering Dubai a fun, yet sophisticated experience, like no other.”



About Maison Rouge:

Maison Rouge offers a lively dinner and shows a concept that is a fusion of performance arts and culinary creativity, catered towards Dubai’s diverse cosmopolitan community. The venue is located at the Mezzanine level of Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Maison Rouge offers a chic and decedent ambience featuring luxurious red velvet décor, contemporary music from the talented DJ and show-stopping performances throughout the night. The menu offers a wide and diverse selection of dishes, artistically curated by the expert chef. Maison Rouge is the latest nightlife entertainment venue that offers a truly authentic experience that is both sophisticated and entertaining.


Maison Rouge is open seven nights a week, from 8:30PM to 2:00AM.






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