Crazy Rich Asians – Love is the Richest Thing Ever

Crazy Rich Asians is a 2018 American romcom film based on Kevin Kwan’s extremely popular, sprawling, best-seller novel by the same name. Buzzingtales caught up with the roller-coaster comedy at Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall. Though the plot may not be completely new the treatment was fresh especially with the all Asian and Asian –American cast. The picturesque location of Singapore and the cultural diversity in full display added to the flavour

of the movie. While Constance Wu dazzles with her performance, first timer Henry Golding adds to the charm of the movie. The easy chemistry between the two lead actors and great performances by the entire cast including, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Kris Aquio, Lisa Lu, Nico Santos, Ken Jeong and Michelle Yeoh elevates the film further. Crazy Rich Asians, is directed by JonM. Chu. The story is about young an Asian American woman who travels to meet her boyfriend’s family, only to discover that they are one of the richest in Singapore.


The drama picks up the pace as Rachel finds out about the true standing of Nick Young. From thereon it is Rachel’s endeavour to fit into Nick’s family, the aversion of Nick’s mother for someone below her status, the antics of Nick’s ex-girl who poses to be a friend at first and many other twist and turns, make for a rollercoaster of a movie.


Crazy Rich Asians is a reiteration of the age-old hope in peoples heart that true love triumphs in the face of all adversities. However, the audience is reminded that life is not all fairy tale and happy endings, as Nick’s cousin’s marriage crumbles beyond repair when threatened by insecurities, infidelity and human frailties. Buzzingtales did find loads of similarities with Bollywood love stories minus the songs and dances.

Minakhee Mishra

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