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A few weeks back I got to review Epson Projector while vacationing at home on one of those golden relaxing days with family after we finished an early dinner at a restaurant. Epson has been touted as the No 1 projector since 2001, apart from being an innovation & technology giant house for both businesses as well as for consumers. Naturally, I was excited but had a niggling doubt regarding the installation. I had a feeling that groundbreaking technological product is exciting features with high user satisfaction, but require a lot of know-how concerning maintenance and installation.

I unwrapped the package to find a sleek and chic looking small projector, with a cord attached to it and accompanied by a remote. There was an instruction to attach an HDMI cord from the output device to the projector. I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it all looked and, how neat, compact and lightweight the Epson projector was.

Highlighted below are my specific reasons for loving this super efficient and compact product.


  • The EH-TW5350 Projector from Epson was our choice for a relaxing movie time at home.


  • It was a bright option for us as we got the excitement & feel of Big Screen right at the comfort of our home as we put up our feet & chilled.


  • What is more is that this projector had great rendering & performance quality.


  • Its maintenance & installation was indeed a child’s play as my little kiddo manage to set it up by just plugging in an HDMI cord.


  • Thanks to its special packaging and Vertical/horizontal keystone correction that makes it easy to set-up and position.


  • I loved it more as the projector give sharp images without exposing the eyes to harsh light generally emitted from the screen. The overall experience was extremely satisfactory.

Key features for this range:

  • Displays both 2D & 3D Video
  • Smooth
  • Fast-moving action
  • iProjection Smart remote app
  • Wi-Fi & Miracast: Stream videos from mobile devices


. Bring the big-screen experience into your home and watch a movie every day for the next 11 years1 with this affordable but powerful projector.

My Review:


The EH-TW5350 Projector from Epson is a bright option for any home. It really enhanced our viewer experience manifold times. Epson projector delivers picture quality high quality. Apart from being highly efficient and reliable, it is easy to maintain and hence is durable. Because of the special packaging and Vertical/horizontal keystone correction, it is extremely easy to set-up and position. It a value addition in the true sense while watching anything at home.

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