Bad times at the El Royale

Buzzingtales had the most magical time watching Bad times at the El Royal.  Bad times at El Royal by the screenwriter of The Martian and Cloverfield is one of the most eagerly anticipated thrillers.

The movie cast includes Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, and Dakota Johnson.  The stars set out as seven strangers with seven secrets take one last shot at redemption.

Seven strangers, each with a secret to bury, meet at Lake Tahoe’s El Royale, a rundown hotel with a dark past. Over the course of one fateful night, everyone will have the last shot at redemption – before everything goes to hell.  Bad times At The El Royale releases throughout the UAE on 11thOctober and brings not only a fantastic cast but a cast you would have never pictured together.



Bad times at the El Royale features an incredible all-star cast led by Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson, Jeff Bridges and Jon Hamm among others. The film hails from writer and director Drew Goddard and is a new completely original thriller that looks to be similarly twisty, as it revolves around seven strangers—each with his or her own secret—meet at a mysterious, rundown hotel in Lake Tahoe. Drew Goddard has directed The Cabin in the Woods and was the Screenwriter for past box office successes such as The Martian, Cloverfield, World War Z and TV series Lost.

 “Drew Goddard has assembled a lobby full of amazing characters in his storied El Royale Hotel and I cannot wait for audiences to meet these truly unique folks and learn who they are and uncover what makes each of them tick. It will almost certainly not be what it is expected to be and that is a lot of the fun of the film.  It is character driven in the best sense.” Producer Jeremy Latcham.

Bad times At El Royale stands out because it is so visually arresting. As soon as you encounter the guests who gather in the lobby of the El Royale, you enter a different world, one that took shape in the filmmaker’s vivid imagination. The hotel effectively becomes a character in Goddard’s wildly stylish movie. Situated on the border of California and Nevada, it celebrates the best and worst of both states. But it has seen better days. Once a hot spot, it is now faded and nearly vacant.

“I liked the idea of a hotel that had a shadier side to it. I found that exciting,” explains Goddard. “The movie is about these characters who all have dark secrets; there are questions about who they are and who they were. And I felt that this hotel would be a perfect petri dish in which to explore them,” says the filmmaker about his decision to set most of the action at the El Royale. “There is something about hotels I find very romantic. They transport you somewhere – it’s about trying on a new life,” says Goddard.

Bad Times At The El Royale will release in the UAE on the 11th October 2018

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