Mitra Bistro – Indian Deliciousness at AlSeef, Dubai

Mitra in Hindi means Friend. Buzzingtales recently got to immerse in the lovely romantic ambience at Mitra Bistro. Locating in the picturesque Al Seef, Mitra entices visitors with its flavours and vibes. The pleasant evening breeze and gorgeous views of the creek along with the perfect venue with delightful Indian fusion food and dreamy ambience set the right mood for the festivities of Diwali – Festival of Lights. Diwali or not a visit to Al Seef is highly recommended for all who wish to see the true flavours of Dubai.

Indians form an indispensable entity in the cosmopolitan melting pot of Dubai and Indian cuisine has been elevating the gastro-culture since time immemorial. Mitra presents a charming amalgamation of new technique & presentation of delicious old flavours. We loved the mocktails as well as the other beverages. The starters were absolutely delightful and there were ample options both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Although the menu was filled with mouthwatering dishes, we were so full with the 10 delicious appetizers that despite the chef’s coaxing we could only sample a veg and non-veg dish in the main course. I loved the chole and bread and the malai chicken was flavorful. We were absolutely stuffed and had no space for dessert but the options on the menu kept calling to me.

Mitra bistro, Buzzingtales

We loved the live music with instruments on the ground floor as well as the DJ on the 1st floor. The ground floor is spacious with soft vibes and opens to the hustle bustle and old world charm of Alseef. The 1st floor with bar and the breathtaking views from the balcony is the real soul of Mitra.

This year Diwali came to Alseef Dubai for the 1st time & Dubai Police puts up a show too!! The various cultural performances, Diya lighting for families, cracker show and many shopping attractions skyrocketed Diwali. These attractions have gone away with Diwali. Thankfully there are still the much cherished permanent ones like Mita Bistro.

Minakhee Mishra

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