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Buzzingtales recently tried out the MyGovinda’s contemporary menu. MyGovinda, a 17-year-old establishment starting out at Karama, Dubai serves pure vegetarian Sattvic food. The Sattvic food is based on the principle of vegetarianism, healthy eating & moderation as enumerated in Ayurveda & Yogic literature. In keeping with the Sattvic diet regime, MyGovinda serves delicious, vegetarian food minus meat and even onion, and garlic. Eating vegetables like onion and garlic, which grow under the soil, is against the Sattvic diet principle. Onions, roots and tubers, are considered Ananthkay i.e. having many lives or giving rise to many lives. Unnecessary violence even to plants is avoided in a Sattvic diet. It was indeed an interesting thing to learn.

In keeping with the new age, MyGovinda’s launched a contemporary menu. The idea as communicated by Mr Mahesh Advani, Founder and owner, was to present a well-crafted amalgamation of traditional cooking & modern culinary styles.

MyGovindas, Buzzingtales
                                    Pani Puri Shots

The beautiful evening started out with the welcome drink with apple & ginger and the pani puri shots. The drink was soothing and the pudina dip for pani puri was delightful. A bit of tangy tamarind chutney on top would have elevated it to another level. After we had settled down I glanced around the place. There were beautiful murals of Krishna and his life episodes, a pepal tree that had a calming effect and was really a unique thing I saw, and soft devotional music playing on the background. The place was quite full with even westerners at many tables. Although it’s not very spacious given the prime location, space was well designed creating a synergy between modern and old world. D

MyGovindas, Buzzingtales
                                                Smoked Angara Paneer Tikka


As we waited for our contemporary started to roll I decided to check out the menu. It was a delight to see so many different innovations within the framework of strict vegetarianism, catering to numerous needs of the guests, like the oil-free menu, vegan menu, diabetic menu, high-protein menu, food catering to different ayurvedic doshas ( Problems) and even a Chinese Menu. Now Chinese food devoid of onion & garlic really piqued my interest. However, I decided to first stick with trying out the new innovation.

MyGovindas, Buzzingtales
                                  Spicy Thai Cigar

The first starter on our table was the Smoked Angara Paneer Tikka, which was actually Paneer Tikaa clubbed between tomato & capsicum, grilled to perfection over charcoal. This dish absolutely stole my heart and the perfect blend of spices and tanginess still linger on my tongue. Next up came the Spicy Thai Cigar, which was a different take on the spring roll. The crispy cigars wrapped around melted cheese and sautéd veggies were absolutely delightful. The sauces and the dips elevated the taste even more.

MyGovindas, Buzzingtales
                                                           Kidney Bean Kebab

Then came the Kidney Bean Kebab, which was actually Soya and beans shaped like Kebab. Being a vegetarian and a Soya fan I really loved it. However, some might find it a little dry. A little sauce or butter on it might offset the dryness.


MyGovindas, Buzzingtales
                                             Avocado Naan Toast

A different take on the nachos came in the form of Avocado Nan Toast. On its own, the Nan piece was devoid of butter. I really loved it when I tried it as advised; namely, the small cut nan, topped with sour cream, then avocado paste, followed by the salsa and topped with a malai masala.

MyGovindas, Buzzingtales
                                                                Foundue Sizzler

Then came the smoking hot Fondue Sizzler. When I mean hot I mean both literally as well as all the pun intended. The sizzler platter was spiced paneer surrounded by delicately sauteed veggies. When dipped in sauces and even without them it was delicious.

MyGovindas, Buzzingtales
                                                  Ratatouille Basil Rice

I am not much of a rice eater and I generally avoid carbohydrate. That said rice is actually a gluten-free carbohydrate. Why I am I speaking about rice all of a sudden? Well, that is because our next dish was Ratatouille Basil Rice. I found the name quite intriguing. The dish did not disappoint either. The seasoned basil and rice was topped in the middle with curried vegetable. The Awadhi Malai Tukra was something I had to give a miss, as I had to hurry back on duty calls. I am certainly going back to MyGovinda’s to try this one out.



I felt that the MyGovinda’s Contemporary Menu is a wonderful & healthy step into the modernized gastronomical scene. In the age where progressive cooking is synonymous with nitrogen infused food, I give brownie points to MyGovind’s for bravely choosing to step into that world without compromising on nutrition and health. Given that it is a pure vegetarian joint the food many non-vegetarians may stir clear of it. However, I recommend moving beyond set mindsets and trying out something new, innovative and nutritious. Why Not? Before I end my review I have to mention the ever smiling, warm and efficient staff who put out their best feet forward despite the joint being so full.

Minakhee Mishra

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