The talented actor Rakesh Bedi brings his play “Massage” to Dubai

For an Indian movie & television show lover, Rakesh Bedi is synonymous with comedy. Buzzingtales is all set for a tummy tickling weekend. Hilarity will wear multiple shades as India’s seasoned actor Rakesh Bedi gets ready to don no less than 24 avatars in his latest theatrical presentation, “Massage” in Dubai. The monologue performance provides a humorous, yet refreshing perspective of the Indian society, superbly portrayed by Bedi, and brings to the fore typical eccentricities and characteristics that represent various Indian states. Hailed for witty dialogues, apt observations and versatile acting by Bedi, the laugh fest has been widely acknowledged in India for finding comic relief in the most depressing of situations.


The Massage is scheduled to entertain the UAE crowd on Friday, 23rd November at Emirates International School Jumeirah, Dubai. The play, spanning over 2 hours will start at 7:30pm.




Bedi plays Happy Kumar, who steps into the busy world of Mumbai with an empty pocket and dreams of becoming a hero. Like many before him, Kumar’s dream turns to dust as he runs from pillar to post – a journey Bedi relates to his audience with great comic twist and timing. In sheer desperation, Kumar becomes a masseur and with this turn of events, the audience is introduced to each of Kumar’s clients — the good, the bad and the annoying. From a Punjabi film producer, to a South Indian actress, to a Bihari politician, Bedi expertly personifies each character infusing the drama with hilarity and laughter.

Rakesh Bedi, Buzzingtales

Commenting on the play, Shirish Srivastava, Managing Director of Shogun Global, the company which is bringing the play to Dubai in association with Front Row Events, said: “Many of us have grown up watching Rakesh Bedi play humorous roles and this is what we associate with him. For some, he’s still the young Raja of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, while for others, he’s Bunty Ji of Yes Boss series. The play ‘Massage’ will further highlight Rakesh Bedi’s versatility as an actor and we are confident that the audience will remember this performance for a long time both for its comic timing and witty dialogues”.


Tickets for the show are available at –


For more information please contact, +97150 7682408, or email at


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A 120-minute monologue by India’s comedy-fame Rakesh Bedi

Friday November 23rd, 2018 Emirates International School, Jumeirah, Dubai  


(Gates open at 6:30)


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