Xtreme Zone – Xtreme Thrill at Deerfield Mall, Abu Dhabi

Buzzingtales recently tried out some Xtreme dosage of adrenaline rush at Xtreme Zone in the Deerfield Mall, Abu Dhabi. As kids graduate from little bundles of joy to fireballs of energy, this cool new adventure park really comes handy. I have watched the transition in interest, as my little monster grows up with the blink of an eye. Only a couple of years ago I used feel as if I were ripping his heart apart when I took my wailing son away from an indoor amusement arena after spending 3 hours. Back from the time travel, he finds the same places “Oh so kiddish & boring.” He needs new challenges that match his energy and enthusiasm. Xtreme Zone was just the right place for him. Opening in the garden area of Deerfield Mall, Abu Dhabi it offers state of art outdoor fun and adventure.

All the rides of Xtreme Zone offer thrilling fun while taking utmost care of safety, with zip lines, padding, alert attendants etc.

My son started out with the 36 interconnected trampoline course, which also had a basketball arena to stream out all that bubbling energy. He was moved on fast to the parkour course and tested out all his acrobatic skills.

Xtreme Zone, Buzzingtales

My agile Ninja had a blast at the Ninja Course where his nimbleness, strength as well as alertness were put to test. Then on came the Rodeo ride and my little cowboy had a ball reeling round and round on the bull as he tried to keep his balance.

Then on he moved to the 3 storied Adventure Rope Course with rope line, tyre swings, shaky wooden bridges and rope line, which demanded a lot of concentration, balancing and focus apart from stretching and jumping. The Adventure Rope Course is not for the faint-hearted parents.


As my kid swung high in the air and the rope line took him to the other end my heart pumped high. I screamed and then held my mouth shut with my palm as he landed all giggling and waving his hand. My child is certainly preparing for the roller coaster called growing up I better keep pace with it.

Minakhee Mishra

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