Epson Eco Tank Printer

Epson Eco Tank Printer, Buzzingtales

Have you heard of Epson Eco Tank Printer? What is it actually? Epson has a range of affordable, sleek and environmentally friendly printers that run on Ink rather than the conventional cartridges.

About 2 weeks back I experienced the Eco Tank Tour at their Kiosk in The Dubai Mall. It was an enlightening & informative session about sustainable technology for Printers. We never give a second thought about the cartridges we discard & subsequently harm the environment while using a printer.

Epson Eco Tank Printer, Buzzingtales

With Epson Eco- Tank printer we can avoid 82 cartridges with 1 inkbottle set that last up to 3 years. While a conventional printer’s single cartridge prints 500+ papers Eco-Tank’s single bottle can print 11,000+ papers. This in turn also means printing costs is saved by 90% for both businesses & homes. Moreover, the printers are tech-savvy, very affordable durable & available in numerous models, tailored to cater to everyone’s needs. The Epson personnel at the kiosk showed me how to load the ink bottles. I was amazed at how easy this was. Additionally, the printer is a new age gadget can easily be synced to mobile phones. The printing can be carried out with a mere tap of your fingertips.

The Epson Eco Tank Printer is available in many varieties. Both businesses as well as homes have a wide range to choose from. Epson is considered as the number 1 ink tank printer. I feel that the ink tank printer can be a great step toward diminishing the carbon foot prints we have created.

Epson Eco Tank Printer, Buzzingtales

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