The best places to go for your first ski trip

The best places to go for your first ski trip


The best places to go for your first ski trip: When you go skiing for the first time, you’ll want to go somewhere quiet, somewhere where the beginner’s slopes are relatively easy, and somewhere with terrain that offers gradual challenges when you begin to feel more confident. Most resorts have a ski school; somewhere you can learn the fundamentals of the sport and begin to build your confidence on the slopes. This means that you can learn to ski practically everywhere, but there are some resorts that make it easier. Here are our top six.

1. Vail, Colorado, USA

Vail has over 5,200 acres of skiable terrain, making it one of the biggest resorts going. This extra space means that when you are taking those first tentative steps onto the snow you won’t feel quite so crowded or rushed. Plus, reviews of the ski school at the resort show that it is one of the best around.

The resort does have a reputation for having some pretty hardcore terrain, but there are also plenty of gentle slopes that you can work your way through as you pick the sport up.

Remember, ensure that you’re fully prepared for your trip before you go, and have all your documents in place so that you can concentrate on enjoying all that the resort has to offer. You’ll need to take out travel insurance that covers skiing, and it’s a good idea to read up on winter sports safety before you go.

2. Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont, USA


This resort boasts three mountains with lots of trails for skiers of all levels. Once you’ve mastered the skiing you could try out some of the other sports that they have on offer, including zip lining or tubing. There is even arts and crafts on offer if you fancy a change.

3. Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Sun Valley is home to 45km of Nordic ski trails if you fancy something a bit different. Nordic skiing does not require a downward slope, and skiers have to use a skating or striding movement to glide their way through the snow. If you feel a little bit worried about the dizzying heights of the slopes, perhaps nordic skiing might be the best place for you to start.

4. Arber, Germany

At Arber, the easier slopes are on the right and they get gradually more difficult as you move to the left. The first slopes have plenty of space, making it easy to learn, and the beginner’s slopes can be accessed with people movers.

5. St. Anton, Austria


The whole of St. Anton is built around the beginner skier. Each village in the resort has a slope for beginners and the slopes are nice and wide, giving you the room that you need when you’re practising. There is also an easy valley run to challenge you as your competence grows.

6. Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, US

Aspen Snowmass is home to four ski areas which are all accessible on one ticket. You can try out a new resort each day as you build up your skills. There are all kinds of terrain, giving you plenty of opportunities to test out different slopes, and there is also an excellent ski school.

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