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Buzzingtales & Kalani Apparel have formed a wonderful association. Glyn Rodgers, the founder & owner of Kalani Apparel (a fashion store based in Hawaii) has been in the apparel business for over 25 years. Who can forget the sizzling swimwear from Charlie’s Angels? Glyn was the designer behind the beach beauties when Charlie’s Angels shot their episodes in Hawaii. If you were a fan of TV series Magnum P.I, the striking on-camera Aloha shirts of Tom Selleck would have certainly caught your eyes. Any guesses about the designer? Yes, you guessed it right!  It was Glyn Rogers. Another feather in Glyn’s hat is that he designed the wardrobe for Miss Hawaii, who went on to become Miss USA.

Each of the designs in of Kapili Apparel Store is unique. There is something for everyone. Some of the apparels are young, flirty, vibrant and flamboyant like in the Ensemble collection. While others, especially in the Bamboo collection are elegant, sleek and classic. Another unique element in the collection is the ensembles line complete with coordinated footwear, handbags, and even sunglasses. Taking stock of the customers’ needs Kalani Apparel is constantly expanding.  Glyn says,

“We should be able to extend this for years to come because I’m constantly creating new designs.  And I also have a line of Home Decor and Accessories down the way.”

As Kalani Apparel is a wholesale fashion store with indigenously produced products, the prices are unbelievably affordable. As for the quality, I have had the first-hand experience with the lovely Iris attire, purse and footwear from the Ensemble line. The Ensemble collection is also the best selling line, where one can match the main outfit with accessories like hats, handbags, shoes, sunglasses etc.  Each item in the Ensemble line can also be purchased separately.

Another of my hot favourite from the Kalani Apparel store is the Bamboo line. The gorgeous line of stylish apparel is created from Bamboo. Apart from being the most eco-friendly fabric which leaves zero carbon footprints, the fantastic fibre feels and drapes like silk! Being fashionably environment-friendly is as easy as it gets.


 Purchase can be made by

1.Clicking on the link

2. Click the GUEST button on the Order Page( No need to to fill out the account info).

3. Purchase by Credit Cards in the usual manner.  ( Storenvy just processes it via PayPal) or Purchase via Paypal

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