Paul Immigrations Reviews: Easy Singapore PR Application

Premium PR consultancy firm in Singapore

Paul Immigrations is a trailblazer among immigration consultancy firms based in Singapore. As the market leaders in their industry, the firm provides bespoke professional service specializing in the application of Singapore PR (Permanent Residency).

Since 2016, Paul Immigrations have been the frontrunners in the field, thanks to an army of more than 100 conscientious staff with a team of consultancy experts having comprehensive expertise and knowledge. The firm’s mission to provide efficient, fast, accurate and transparent PR application process services to its clients have resulted in a track record of more than 15,000 satisfied customers. The firm recognizes that getting the most sought after status for foreigners living in the city-state approved is the first step in realizing dreams of securing a future in the Lion City. Only with that, foreigners can gain Permanent Residency there and enjoy the various exclusive benefits reserved for citizens and thus enrich their individual as well as their family’s life. The firm wants to ensure a successful first step towards this dream.

The well-established company strives to provide specialized assistance & valuable insights, to individuals of diverse backgrounds, to give them a competitive edge in their  applications for PR. The firm lives up to its determination to be recognized as the trusted market leader by facilitating a smooth process to being a SPR and aiding foreigners to establish their futures in Singapore. The firm adheres to the highest standard of services while assisting customers throughout the entire process of PR, from application right down to the submission of PR forms, and providing its guidance as well as invaluable expert advice at every step.

Paul Immigrations resolve to deliver competitive professional services to its customers very evidently. Be it a free preliminary assessment of PR Eligibility or the invaluable insightful; and extensive answers to the list of FAQs available on their official website.

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Paul Immigrations Reviews:  Services

Equipped with years of expertise & latest policy knowledge, the consultancy delivers on their promise, by providing; customized service to its clients. The firm’s indisputable strengths include:

1.         Policy Knowledge & Professional Case Management

2.         Strong Complete Documents Package

3.         Minimizing Hassle & Time Wastage

4.         Strategic Approach in Handling Complex Issues

5.         Exceptional, Professional, Prompt services

The firm operates from the premise that the customer deserves nothing short of impeccable and extremely professional service.  Throughout the entire PR application process, Paul Immigrations ensures that they

1. Full support for clients

2. Plan the document organization

3. Prepare key additional documents

4. Craft uniquely special cover letters

5. Provide insights

6. Reduce hassle and time wastage

1. Full Support for Clients

The documentation process is extremely cumbersome especially for someone new to the system. The numerous types of documents necessary for the application can make the whole process tiresome. A single error or oversight can deem the submission invalid, thus compromising the prospect of attaining the PR status in Singapore. The consultancy steps in and takes the lead through the entire process and thus the entire documentation becomes seamless and unflawed. The chances of gaining a PR will manifold. Additionally, the firm also carries out a preliminary of the customer along various official parameters to judge the chances of gaining a PR in Singapore.

2. Plan the Document Organization

Entire submissions are made via an online portal of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA). Hence, any missing documents during this step can result in the submission of an incomplete application. Submission which is incomplete or abiding by the stated stipulation is outrightly rejected. Specialists from the firm take these stresses off your hands and personally ensure that nothing is left to chance.

3. Prepare Key Additional Documents

Documents to add value by showcasing your best qualities and contributions would be prepared. A letter of recommendation by your employer, will be requested for too. This can make your SPR application stand out. Armed with years of experience, their team of specialists will be able to help you prepare them.

4. Craft Uniquely Special Cover Letters

With thousands of submissions handled each day by the ICA, anyone whose form must make it to the PR list has to stand out. It is not enough that documents are proper and complete. It mustn’t be like hordes of other applications. Paul Immigrations’ army of specialized writers crafts exclusive and personalized cover letters, based on the applicant’s strengths to help it stand its ground and be different from the crowd.

5. Provide Insights

For many applicants, the Singapore PR application process appears as complex and tiresome. The PR consultancy firm’s team of specialists can ease this considerably. They offer key insights and expertise, gathered through years of experience. These tips and insights can help you gain an upper hand, leading you one step closer to approval. The applicants are relieved from the complications throughout the entire process to ensure that they do not miss any important documents, dates or other pertinent information.

6. Reduce Hassle and Time Wastage

For many individuals the e-Service portal can seem complicated, especially some are unfamiliar with technological knowledge. Navigation is a long and tedious process and invariably leads to time waste. Paul Immigrations pit in with its team of experts so that not being techno-savvy doesn’t hijack your chance to get PR. Thus the submission of the application becomes efficient and seamless.

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Paul Immigrations Reviews: PR Application Services

As a Singapore based PR consultancy firm, the corporate firm offers a comprehensive list of services about all aspects of Permanent Residency, its successful documentation, application and acceptance. The firm’s services cater to disparate individuals with very specific needs. Below is a comprehensive list of PR services to suit the various exclusive individual needs like:

•          Employment Pass or S Pass Holder

•          Spouse of a Singapore Citizen or PR

•          Student studying in Singapore

•          Aged parent of a Singapore Citizen

•          Unmarried or legally adopted child aged below 21

•          Foreign investor in Singapore

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