COVID and Nature – Making the best in the worst

COVID has brought the entire human race to the edge of a peak with a deep fall of no return on all sides. Yet, 12-year-old Gavelian Devanshu Mishra, finds the light at the end of horror tunnel. Read on to find out.

COVID and Nature, Buzzingtales

Impact of COVID

Right now, we are going through one of the deadliest pandemics in recent history. Apart from the enormous human tragedy that has unfolded in the face of COVID 19, it has had a catastrophic effect on the global economy as well. But what if I told you that there is a positive to all this. Good Morning fellow gavellers, Sandeep Sir and guests.

Curbing of human activities and lockdown has cut the global energy demands by 6%. Carbon dioxide emission is down by 8%. This is because people rarely leave their houses. The air around us has never felt as pure. Animals, birds, and insects are thriving and reclaiming their homes. I have witnessed colourful birds and butterflies coming to my garden.

COVID and Nature,Buzzingtales

I’m sure you all know that global warming is an enormous predicament that has been haunting us. The genesis is, of course, due to human activity and unhindered consumerism. Human beings have invaded every corner on earth. They have been unthinkably selfish and operate like they are the only species who have the right to life & live like Lords. They have invaded the habitat of all other living beings. They have exploited and violated their life and space without a single humane thought. If we were more careful, we could have prevented this all together. Human activities like poaching, merchandized farming, urbanization & industrialization has destroyed the environment, biodiversity, and eco-system. The exploitation of wildlife and destruction of natural habitat has resulted in the spill over of emerging infectious diseases from animals to humans.

COVID and Nature, Buzzingtales

Iresponsible human activity is the our bane

Did you know that scientists have found that Covid, which is a mutated virus emerging from bats, is a response of an overstressed and traumatized bat? We only started to really think about the consequences of our actions when it was already out of hand. And all these environmental disasters happened because of our greed. Covid-19 is overall a terrible thing, but there is one positive. Because human activity has decreased significantly, plants have thrived, and the population of animals has increased immensely. Over the year’s humans have cut down millions of trees. Since humans started cutting down forests, 46% of trees have been felled. 17% of the Amazon has been destroyed over only the past 50 years, and recently this has been rising.

COVID and Nature

Amazingly, after the start of lockdown, there have been reports of flamingo’s flocking in parks and tigers prowling the streets. Whales have come to shore. The waters of Venice have never been clearer, and dolphins are coming back to its channels all because of the decrease in human activity. You can also see videos of wildcats and deer in the backyards of people in the UK. This is a wake-up call to show that if we all reduce our activity; we might have a chance to get rid of climate change. I am not saying that the virus will stop climate change, we must take that step, this is only temporary, we must learn from this, that we are not alone on this earth and that we cannot be selfish. A solution could be to perhaps have a system that institutes weekly lockdowns so that we can fix all these problems. 

COVID and Nature, Buzzingtales

Nature is on a restoration drive while human beings are caged in the prisons of their own making. Why does it have to be us against them? Can we not learn to co-exist and respect the boundaries? Why does development have to be uncontrolled and unrestricted devoid of any thought for living beings and life other than humans? Why do we always ignore sustainable development and consider it a hindrance? The current situation has forced us to rethink our priorities and realign the way we live and change it for the better. We cannot afford to forget this lesson; otherwise, nature’s wrath will be unleashed, and human beings will be obliterated forever from the face of the earth.

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