I created Wilderness when my mind was in deep trenches. It was reeling from the impacts of newly discovered disastrous COVID-19 in 2020. If you like wilderness or my creations you can contact me on my gmail or insta-accounts. If you like wildeness design on products check out my gallerry on FINE ARTS AMERICA. Though I conceived Wilderness a year back, it was a monochromatic version, with different tones of black and white. The colorful version manifested in 2021.

Lively Wilderness

I often wonder how our thoughts influence expression and action. 2021 has not been any better than 2020. Families have crumbled; health, education and infrastructure are stumbling and trying to hold themselves up bravely with crutches. Countries are inundate with poverty and unemployment.  The loss of human life and the magnitude of grief will reverberate in the minds and hearts of entire humanity for ages. Will humanity every reclaim the pre-COVID era. The simple act of being able to breath minus a covering/mask seems like a far cry. Things we had taken for granted now taunt us. Despite the miseries there have been superlative acts of kindness and bravery. COVID warriors and heroes give us hope, courage and encouragement that now it is not the time to freeze and sit in darkness and despair. The time has come to lend a helping hand, to splash some water across the face and pull ourselves out of depression.  Though the circumstance hasn’t changed much my mind set had changed. While earlier I had to make conscious effort to beat the grim, now my coping mechanisms has become habitual. I had started an online free art class in 2020, though I could not continue it due to relocation, the practice of keeping the mind occupied through creative means meant that the mind had no free space for negative thoughts.

Smart design on phone case

In 2021 when we had relocated to India and we were still housed in a hotel, we received the devastating news of the demise of my elder cousin brother in USA. A month ago just before relocation I had taken care of a family member as he fought COVID in the 1st wave. The mind told me we fought it together with resilience and calm – We can win this battle with death with positivity. Nothing prepared me and my family for this heart-breaking news of a young family left bereft of a Father – a Husband – a Son- a Brother. It wasn’t COVID that took away my big brother. I broke down. All the positivity and resilient spirit vanished. Time they say is the best healer. Yes, it acted as a balm for me. For the wife, son and mother of my cousin brother time can only make the pain ebb in the moments when the hurry burry of life takes over. The pain will return to them when darkness falls, when silence or stillness can no longer offer the excuse that busy life offers.

Well, I diverged from the story about how the colorful version of Wilderness came about. I had no other choice but to accept the inevitability and finality of the event. This was not the 1st time (but pray it is the last) when the tragedy of untimely death struck out family. I found strength in the dignity with which my aunt & my brother’s young wife carried themselves. It was around this time that the colorful version of wilderness was born. It had all the colors and emotions of life – life is short & unpredictable, so why not live it in the best way possible- why not live it in each moment as it comes.

Minakhee Mishra

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