Sculpting the inner self

The silence on Buzzingtales is defening and I caught the noise with my meterics informing me that my website audience has dropped as there is no content. Numerous spam mails flood my inbox each day notifying me that your website and content is great but there is a problem and they can help me sort it out and reach to bigger audience. Well, I thought of making some ripple out here partly because I got reminded that yes, the website is out here and partly because I felt like it was time to talk a bit.

Good Company is Like – A trail down the nature’s path with glee of virgin discoveries – A fluffy squirrle hurries out of sight- A colorful pallet flutters in delightMinakhee Mishra

Without much ado I wanted to get to the crux of the matter that the silence has been deliberate and the silence has been rejuvenating. I had mentioned earlier that Buzzingtale’s direction has chanced and it is no longer just a lifestyle blog. It is my personal log which I might want to bring to the public space at times. Here is a gist of what has been going behind the scenes.

I have been working my ass off and happily so, while giving myself some much needed time to reconstruct and sculpt my inner self. By being a bit more silent in the public forums I am now able to do what I wanted to namely write and create art. Recently I came toknow of a wonderful forum NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). All writing enthusiasts should check out this great platform where writers come together as a community to motivate each other to write 50K words within the month of November. You may not win the NANOWRIMO if you donot complete the 50K mark but still you get the initial thrust to start off your writing journey.

I have been painting a lot more than before mostly because I do it when ever and where ever I can. I have tried to do some sustainable art by painting on discarded bottles.They served as lovely decor during Diwali and some as gifts to near and dear ones. For artists there are sprint art in the month of October called Inkoctober. I have never done it before but who knows I might do so just to create illustrations for my complied book of poems. Still a lot of work to do but I hope to break my silent spree here every now and then. Catch some gilmpses of the blissfull product of silence.

Good Company is like- A scrumptiuos book with crispy pages. Intimate, enticing, touching the heartMinakhee Mishra

Minakhee Mishra

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