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A couple of days ago I spoke about sustainable art involving bottles. So today I am bringing to you all some of my creations. Buzzingtales website will feature both my written and art related creations but for today I will be talking about how I developed a line of bottle art and transformed ordinary discarded bottles into beautiful works of art. If you would like to check out more of my art related stuff you can visit my Instagram page @minakheepaintings. I have put a link on the post too. Now lets get on with the real stuff. Bottle painting is not an entirely new thing that Iinvented. However, I wanted to decorate the bottle my own way and jazz them up with my style. Desiging a bottle can be a super easy or super difficult task, depending on your mind set, mood and patience level.

So coming to the crux of the matter let’s first get to the 1st step.

The 1st step is always to come up with a design. You can come up with it in a matter of seconds if you just google up or take your time to think up your own design. I did the later. Most of my early designs are of traditional women and a bit detailed. The later designs were abstracts and more relaxed. There was no specific reason for these designs except the fact that I went with my mood on the day and let my mood dictate my creative energies.

Next you have to pick up a bottle. I did not have any particular favorite among the bottle shapes initially but as I started working on them I realised that when the bottles have a flatter surface on one side it is easier. This is especially the case if you are interested in creating an intricate design. If abstract and simple design is your flavour then the shapes do not effect the end product much.

Next you have to pick the right color and brush for the canvas, which in this case is a bottle. Painting on bottle is not the same as painting on canvas or paper. So you have to choose paint that can stick to the bottle and doesn’t easily wash off. You can create lovely pieces from glass painting colors or you can choose acryllic. I choose acryllic simplely because it was available with me. While picking colors keep the color of the bottle in mind. For colourless bottles almost any bright color works well. If however you have a colored bottle say green or black then choose contrasting colors like white for black bottles. This ensures that your designs pop out well and are visible.

Last but not the least choose the brush wisely. If you want to coat the entire bottle then choose a broad brush. I would however suggest leaving out unpainted areas which gives a nice character and at the same time if at a later point you want to put some light strings inside the transparent area it allows the light to glow and be seen. At the end of the day it all depends on your preference. For finer detailed work you would need a thin brush. Most of the time I ended up using a medium and thin brush. Since the bottle surface is glossy it’s not easy to get paint on it with a brush. You may need to put multiple coats to get the pigment on tothe bottle. If a brush is too much for you then be free spirited and use your finger or stencil or some dried leaf. Just unlock your fun side and have a blast.

Minakhee Mishra

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