Creating My Own World

This year on November 2021 I stumbled upon a goldmine of motivation and decided to discard my self-proclaimed status of a closet writer. Though I have been a professional writer and editor since long, the occasional forays into writing articles, fiction writing in my own personal space had always happened 6 feet under. For many reasons known only to the writer, my fictional write-ups & poems have rarely seen the daylight and remain as word documents in carefully labeled folders on my MacBook’s desktop.

I have been itching to write a book for the longest time that I can remember. The itch started so many decades ago that it had almost become non-existent, almost a matter of habit running through my veins like blood. It lurked somewhere deep in my consciousness only to rise it’s jealous head when someone I might know distantly self-published or some new author broke the charts. Some might say it’s a good thing to house a dream and burn for it, but without concentrated effort, focused guided actions and perseverance, a dream becomes a figment of imagination. While the genesis of everything is imagination, focus, impulse and action has to follow in order to cajole it to fruition.

I few months ago I joined a writer’s platform Reedsy, because I found their writing prompts really engaging and it served to pull me out of my writers block. On November 11th I attended a webinar where I came to know about the existence of NANOWRIMO. It was a stroke of luck for me and though I lamented the fact that I was unaware of this wonderful platform, which has been around from 1999, when a group of only 21 writers started the initiative in San Francisco. It was a huge pressure for me to know that I was joining almost midway since the NANOWRIMO challenge is to start from Nov 1st and complete writing 50K words by 30th November. My stubborn streak always prompts me to think that everything is possible, so I joined the WRIMO India community on 12th November with the thought that I would at least know the community of enthusiastic writers and get a few thousand words out of this exercise. The amazing ML’s and group of writers were a constant source of inspiration and support, providing numerous writing prompts, hosting writing sprints day in and out, to help everyone achieve their highest potential despite the inevitable roadblocks of life and living.

Personally I could not participate in many sprints but I felt motivated seeing the updates on the Facebook page about sprints, daily target word counts achieved by others and more. Each day from November 12th till 29th I would wind up my chores at work and home and sit with my laptop for about one or two hours in the night. I was elated when the word count read 50K on 29th 12:30 PM IST. Well, I did my solitary celebratory dance even as the house slumbered and snored. There is a long way to ahead as the 1st draft is not yet ready. I still have to complete the chapters, connect the dots, structure the story, write, rewrite, edit and edit some more. After this long drawn process I do not know if the end product will ever be in book format. I still don’t know if there is a book alive in me. All the same I feel like the creator crafting my own special world and controlling the people in that world. I’m glad that I woke up from my dreams and I am endeavoring to bring it to life.

Minakhee Mishra

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